fire safety training

just this sunday morning, we conducted a fire fighting drill w/ about a hundred new regular workers of jbc food corporation a peanut manufacturing company. the activity is in-line w/ the fire prevention month (an annual activity in the philippines celebrated during the month of march). the fire chief of caloocan city fire station (sfo4 alexander marguez) and his internal affairs service chief (sfo4 arnel ibasco) delivered a lecture on fire safety and fire fighting techniques.

annual conduct of this activity is carried out since:

  • there is a need to refill the old stock fire extinguishers.
  • there is a need to train newly regularized employees and would be fire volunteers on fire fighting techniques.
  • fire safety permit is needed to be renewed annually
  • the company needs to be safe to always be in business…

health, safety & environment should always be implemented together by companies to be firmly competitive…

here are some of the pix….


fire brigade team of jbc food corporation






hospital waste

last week, i conducted a hospital waste management workshop with the hospital waste management team (hwmt) of the lucena united doctors hospital & medical center (ludhmc). my colleague mr. art baysa of zectra enterprise (a wastewater treatment facility-wtf contractor) delivered a lecture on the operation & maintenance of the newly constructed wastewater treatment plant of ludhmc after w/c a hospital waste mgt workshop followed. this is one of a series of workshops that will tackle the hospital’s waste mgt, e.g. liquid waste (wastewater), solid waste (domestic), infectious waste, hazardous waste, etc.

we are currently finalizing the hospital waste mgt program together w/ the hwmt. a very timely issue is the wastewater generation minimization program, a mitigating measure that can ensure continuous improvement. after the installation of an engineering control (i.e. the wtf), an administrative control like this minimization program will see to it that the activity will be sustainable. the hospital already spent a lot of money in the construction of the wtf and will spend more money in operating it to be sure that they are not polluting the nearby water bodies. there is no return of investment in this intervention, but the minimization program can reduce the cost of operating the facility.

lucena united doctors hospital

lucena united doctors hospital

save money

hope tis blog will help pple save money while helping protect d environment….

renewables academy

renewables academy, berlin, germany

renewables academy, berlin, germany

here’s a video of the tree project by renac……click the link below to see the video…

transfer renewable energy & efficiency project video

clean car

hydrogen fueled car by bmw

hydrogen fueled car by bmw