low carbon concrete

i’m off 2osnabrueck, germany 2day 2attend a short training on d application of low carbon footprint concrete at maleki gmbh.

“The value of built property in the world is increasing every time and the challenge to use best performance and long lasting materials is critical as it will cost huge amounts of money to correct mistakes in the built environment. Our world is facing the huge challenge of climate change and the increasing cost of materials that are based on oil. Maleki as a company is making a contribution by focusing research on developing the highest performance building materials out of inorganic materials with maximum utilization of industrial waste materials

thawing frozen foods

there was a time dat i saw my friend’s housemaid thaw a frozen meat she’s about 2cook by running tap water over it. wat a waste of precious water! sometimes, if wer not d one paying 4d cost of d resource we just waste it unconsciously…if one don’t care bout d real value of fresh potable water, den things like tis can happen….again & again….

accordingly, d best way to thaw frozen chicken is in the refrigerator (place on a plate on the bottom shelf to prevent any raw juices from dripping onto other foods or refrigerator surfaces)…..or if ur really in hurry…u can soften it using a microwave oven…. microwave ovens consume 700 to more than a thousand watts (depending on model & capacity) but u can thaw foods fr just 2minutes to 5min. depending on d volume….

anyways, i don’t really cook…just love 2eat foods though….

frozen chicken

frozen chicken

how much do u pay4 E10 gas in metro manila?

yesterday (may 17, 2009), i filled up my gas tank at d shell edsa south triangle gas station. dey’r no longer selling e10 so i just settled 4an unleaded since i’m goin 2laguna & d price of php 32.25 per liter is cheaper than in fairview area (php 34.70/l) wer i reside. but wen i passed by total gas station near boni ave. along edsa….d price of e10 was only php 30.70/l…..a nearby sta (caltex) sells almost d same price 4an e10 gas. guess competition made tis stations sell cheaper….

since d price of gasoline is very liquid (dey change frequently fr sta. 2sta.), itz very hard 2fill up fr d cheapest gas sta. d key is 2b always vigilant!

a shell gas station

a shell gas station

will try total or caltex in boni ave. edsa nxt tme. dey’r fairly decent stations so i don’t think dey will sell low quality fuels as stated (natural defense) by high-priced competitors…

4recent updates…..check out d comments on tis post!

inverter airconditioner

a colleague of mine, mr raynor zulueta (a very creative designer) was happy dat he saved money wen he switched to an inverter aircon. he bought a panasonic split type aircon & in d nxt month after installation, he swear dat his electricity bill went down… he can’t find his old meralco bill so he declined wen i asked him 2email me a scan copy f his elec bill b4 n after d installation.

at any rate, inverter technology (d inverter controls and varies power output to ensure optimum use across a wide power range for a completely new level of temperature control) really s a locally available cool green tech dat one should take advantage of wenever you wanted to get a new aircon…dey r only available w/ split-type aircon models though…


improved cooking stove

Black carbon is found worldwide, but its prese...

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Fumes from indoor cooking fires kill more than 2 million children a year in the developing world. MIT engineer Amy Smith details an exciting but simple solution: a tool for turning farm waste into clean-burning charcoal.

in 2008, together w/ my japanese friend mr junji takano, we developed an improved cooking stove 2help mitigate d black carbon emitted fr kitchen households utilizing charcoal or fuelwood. click on d link below 2see d pdf file


titanium dioxide airconditioner

kolin philippines recently incorporated the titanium dioxide photocatalytic technology in their airconditioners that accordingly  has effectively helped in the elimination of airborne bacteria, mold, fungi, household odors and viruses. The TiO2 photocatalytic action attacks and destroys contaminants that are constantly circulating through the air by disintegrating their DNA, turning harmful air into harmless CO2 (carbon dioxide) and H2O (water).

with the help of nano technology, it allows their air-conditioners to give ppl not just cooling comfort, but also pure, clean and healthier air. this is a good locally available green technology for improving indoor air quality.

kolin clean air window type aircon

kolin clean air window type aircon

tis is a cool video….

check tis out!

crt monitors & tv’s

do u still have those bulky cathode ray tube computer monitors? how bout those picture tube tv’s? if u still use them, then maybe it’s time to change them (specially if they are already old) w/ liquid crystal display technology monitors/tv’s. u’ll definitely emit less heat inside ur house or office (can save on cooling costs) & will lower ur carbon footprint coz lcd’s are more energy efficient therefore consume less electricity.

old crt monitor

old crt monitor

lcd monitor

lcd monitor

picture tube tv

picture tube tv

lcd tv

lcd tv

other advantages of lcd’s:

  • the size and weight of an lcd monitor can be upwards of 80% lighter than an equivalent dimension crt screen
  • lcd screens also tend to produce less eye fatigue to the user
  • most of all, prices of lcd’s are goin down…….

New Report Shows Hydrogen Vehicles Will Drive Change

National Hydrogen Association released a new report called the “Energy Evolution: An Analysis of Alternative Vehicles and Fuels to 2100.” The Energy Evolution shows that a scenario which initially includes a mix of alternative vehicles, and is later dominated by hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles sales is the only way to simultaneously cut U.S. greenhouse gas pollution by 80% below 1990 levels; reach petroleum quasi-independence by mid-century; and eliminate nearly all controllable air pollution by the end of the century. The report also shows that an expansion of hydrogen stations is more affordable than most people think.

2see d complete article pls click dlink.

if u want 2see a visual presentation, click on dlink below: