thawing frozen foods

there was a time dat i saw my friend’s housemaid thaw a frozen meat she’s about 2cook by running tap water over it. wat a waste of precious water! sometimes, if wer not d one paying 4d cost of d resource we just waste it unconsciously…if one don’t care bout d real value of fresh potable water, den things like tis can happen….again & again….

accordingly, d best way to thaw frozen chicken is in the refrigerator (place on a plate on the bottom shelf to prevent any raw juices from dripping onto other foods or refrigerator surfaces)…..or if ur really in hurry…u can soften it using a microwave oven…. microwave ovens consume 700 to more than a thousand watts (depending on model & capacity) but u can thaw foods fr just 2minutes to 5min. depending on d volume….

anyways, i don’t really cook…just love 2eat foods though….

frozen chicken

frozen chicken


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