awakening d dreamer initiative

“There’s a Movement emerging on Planet Earth, new ways of living which will take us beyond the crises of our age into a world that works for all”

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shower timer

pple waste a lot of water wen dey spend a lot of time taking a shower….lotz of energy r also wasted wen one have a water heater. we can save money by cutting showering time, but changing ones’ beahvior is a tricky thing….how much time do we need 2take a shower, clean ourselves & save money at d same time? itz obvious dat a 30-minute shower waste water (& electricity/hot water) more than a 5-minute shower…so we need 2quantify things 2improve our environmental performance….one inexpensive solution? simple…use a shower timer! just turn d sandtimer half-way (180 degrees) wen u start ur shower den stop wen d last grain of sand fall….of course nobody can stop u fr continuing ur shower activity……itz ur choice….u can spend more time in d shower or make a difference….

sandtimer w/ suction cup

4-minute sandtimer w/ suction cup

less water use means less wastewater generated…less pollution….

less energy use (in case of hot water)….less green house gas emitted 2produce electricity….

one can also buy an automatic shower timer 4those who can afford dem & can’t control pple 2save water….

full flow w/in certain no. of minutes....

full flow w/in certain no. of minutes....

restricted-flow ... enough to finish rinsing

restricted-flow ... enough to finish rinsing


do u still use screensavers wenever ur not using ur computer monitor? well datz a waste of money…screensavers r cool but d amt of electricity wasted is not cool wen it comes 2d issue of global warming….2make a difference, just turn off d monitor if ur not gonna use it 4a while (e.g. during breaktime, doin something else, etc.). u can also put it on sleep mode (tis can save on electricity & reduce green house gases emitted by ur energy provider).

a vista bubbles screen saver

a vista bubbles screen saver

if ur not d one paying 4d cost of electircity….4get about saving money…..just think bout d environment!

smoking kills

last may 30, 2009, while inside d duty free shopping area of dusseldorf airport – i was surprised 2see d labels of d cigarettes displayed in d shops!

tis can surely discourage pple fr smoking….tis can even help prevent pollution….i.e. air pollution as well as land & water pollution (fr cigarette butts)! cigarette butts last a lifetime (since itz non-biodegradable) thus making tis issue an environmental one & not a ‘right to smoke’ issue…b4 i stopped smokin in 1997 (i had som kinda palpitation back den due probably 2smoking), i used 2press & put my cigarette butts inside d plastic cover of my cigarette pack & disposed dem properly 2gether w/ d spent packaging afterwards….


smoking seriously harms u & d oders around u!


smoking can cause a slow & painful death!


protect children: don’t let dem breathe ur smoke!


ur doctor or ur pharmacist can help u stop smoking!


smoking clogs d arteries & causes heart attacks & strokes!


stopping smoking reduces d risk of fatal heart & lung diseases!

smoking causes aging of d skin!


smoking is highly addictive, don’t start!


smokers die younger!



hope dat labels like tis will be available in d phils soon….2warn pple bout d evils f smokin! after all, itz not truly glamorous & hip 2smoke….

my mother died of cancer of d colon & she still smoked until she died coz she thinks dat her smokin habit is not related 2her disease….i wonder how many smokers really die of just lung cancer….most if not all f dem just die f oder causes….

inside d city of d future

here’s a video bout a sustainable community

tire inflation

whenever i feel dat my fuel efficiency is getting lousy….i first check & fill up my tires w/ 32 psi. my car manual (it is also printed in a sticker at d inside of d door panel near d seat in d driver’s side) recommends 30 psi 4d back tires & 32 psi 4d front tires, but i just inflate all tires w/ 32 psi 2make things simple.

a properly inflated tires saves on fuel consumption by as much as 6-10% accordingly due 2lower rolling resistance…

Rolling Resistance is a factor in fuel efficiency as it relates to your tires. The phrase means the amount of force needed to keep tires moving at a constant speed. The greater the force needed, the higher your gasoline consumption. Some kinds of fuel efficient tires are engineered to utilize lower rolling resistance and reduce the strain on the engine.

wen itz tme 4me 2change my tires..i’ll buy d latest fuel efficient ones in d market, such as d yokohama dna earth-1 tires….hope dey will b available in d phils. soon…

Fuel efficient tires are made with innovative combination of materials that generate less heat during the drive. These tires also have a reduced tread depth to further decrease the resistance factor.

high-end vehicles hav automatic tire press monitoring system…itz safer coz u see d real-time pressure of ur car’s tires! if u don’t hav a high-end car but got some dinero….den u can upgrade ur present car w/ after market tpms like d ones fr hella…pls. click d link bellow:

tire pressure monitoring system

tis tpms can assure u dat u’ll avoid accidents due2 bad tire pressure….

biodegradable plastics

a colleague of mine, ms. carol lee wrote me tis note:
Hello Eric,
Just late last year, I noticed that the yellow shopping bags of SM (Shoe Mart) have ‘biodegradable‘ printed on them.  Until then, I have always thought their bags are made of plastic.  How can one tell whether a bag is actually manufactured using biodegradable plastic or not?
Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you on the above.
All the best,

der was a time wen plastic bags (lotz wer from sm supermarkets) on unsanitary landfills, sewer canals, rivers & even in manila bay r regularly seen on photos in newspapers & magazines….
plastic bag pollution

plastic bag pollution

shoemart noiselessly introduced deir oxo-biodegradable plastic (obps) bags as well as d re-usable green bags (can last up2 2yrs or 100 grocery trips, accordingly) 2address d problem.
d question is….do we really need a plastic bag dat will last a hundred years? biodegradable plastic bags (sm obps bags decompose after 6 months) r cool coz of low enviro impact…


sm green bag

sm green bag

biodegradable plastic bags can b identified fr deir labels. see pix bellow. f plastic bags r not labeled so, den dey’r not!

giordano (a clothes shop) have bio-bags 4deir customers….

giordano bio-bag

giordano bio-bag

in d past (wen brandenberger invented it in 1908), cellophane wer made fr plants b4 petrochemical based plastics became d cheapest alternative.

pple say dat biodegradable plastics r more expensive dan regular plastics…according 2a friend (who’s familiar w/ d supplier of sm), sm didn’t spent too much more in deir biodegradable bags due 2d volume scale (only 12% more expensive according an sm insider)…..guess, cost s always a reason 4pple 2justify dat we can pollute d earth….

using re-usable bags (cloth bags, ‘bayong’, etc.) s d best way 2go……in europe, one has 2pay 4plastic bags if u don’t hav ur own re-usable bags…tis actually lessens d amt of plastic bag waste….

we need 2stop pollution fr plastics……

a friend from d phil. pollution prevention roundtable (p3r) 4warded a plastic bottles ppt. 2view it, click on d link bellow:

bottled water