tire inflation

whenever i feel dat my fuel efficiency is getting lousy….i first check & fill up my tires w/ 32 psi. my car manual (it is also printed in a sticker at d inside of d door panel near d seat in d driver’s side) recommends 30 psi 4d back tires & 32 psi 4d front tires, but i just inflate all tires w/ 32 psi 2make things simple.

a properly inflated tires saves on fuel consumption by as much as 6-10% accordingly due 2lower rolling resistance…

Rolling Resistance is a factor in fuel efficiency as it relates to your tires. The phrase means the amount of force needed to keep tires moving at a constant speed. The greater the force needed, the higher your gasoline consumption. Some kinds of fuel efficient tires are engineered to utilize lower rolling resistance and reduce the strain on the engine.

wen itz tme 4me 2change my tires..i’ll buy d latest fuel efficient ones in d market, such as d yokohama dna earth-1 tires….hope dey will b available in d phils. soon…

Fuel efficient tires are made with innovative combination of materials that generate less heat during the drive. These tires also have a reduced tread depth to further decrease the resistance factor.

high-end vehicles hav automatic tire press monitoring system…itz safer coz u see d real-time pressure of ur car’s tires! if u don’t hav a high-end car but got some dinero….den u can upgrade ur present car w/ after market tpms like d ones fr hella…pls. click d link bellow:

tire pressure monitoring system

tis tpms can assure u dat u’ll avoid accidents due2 bad tire pressure….


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