smoking kills

last may 30, 2009, while inside d duty free shopping area of dusseldorf airport – i was surprised 2see d labels of d cigarettes displayed in d shops!

tis can surely discourage pple fr smoking….tis can even help prevent pollution….i.e. air pollution as well as land & water pollution (fr cigarette butts)! cigarette butts last a lifetime (since itz non-biodegradable) thus making tis issue an environmental one & not a ‘right to smoke’ issue…b4 i stopped smokin in 1997 (i had som kinda palpitation back den due probably 2smoking), i used 2press & put my cigarette butts inside d plastic cover of my cigarette pack & disposed dem properly 2gether w/ d spent packaging afterwards….


smoking seriously harms u & d oders around u!


smoking can cause a slow & painful death!


protect children: don’t let dem breathe ur smoke!


ur doctor or ur pharmacist can help u stop smoking!


smoking clogs d arteries & causes heart attacks & strokes!


stopping smoking reduces d risk of fatal heart & lung diseases!

smoking causes aging of d skin!


smoking is highly addictive, don’t start!


smokers die younger!



hope dat labels like tis will be available in d phils soon….2warn pple bout d evils f smokin! after all, itz not truly glamorous & hip 2smoke….

my mother died of cancer of d colon & she still smoked until she died coz she thinks dat her smokin habit is not related 2her disease….i wonder how many smokers really die of just lung cancer….most if not all f dem just die f oder causes….


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