enzymes 4 odor elimination…

an environment friendly way 2eliminate odors fr organic sources is d use of enzymes 2degrade d source & not simply mask it w/ a more pleasant smelling compounds just like wat deodorizers do.

composting s d best way 2recycle biodegradable waste but sometimes d leachate (wat oders call ‘greentea’) can smell bad…tis can discourage ppl fr doin d right thing…d solution? use enzymes 2help in d decomposition of ur compost as well as eliminate d bad odor….now, even ppl living in condos can compost deir waste….

using enviro alternatives e.g. vinegar can also help clean up smelly places but enzymes r far more better than tis natural chemicals….

here’s a file regarding composting using an earthen clay pot.


“Composting food scraps produces little to no methane because there is sufficient oxygen in the process. And using the resulting compost reduces greenhouse gases by returning carbon to the soil, increasing plant growth, and reducing emissions associated with chemical fertilizers, pesticides and irrigation.”

isn’t tis great? hope dat everybody will do homecomposting in d very near future…tis s d only way 2go….just imagine, 4every 10 garbage trucks goin 2d landfill, 4 trucks r actually biodegradlble & d oder 4 trucks r recyclable…..hmmmmm…we actually need only 2 trucks 2dispose our residual waste….


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