low carbon industrial flooring site visit

13th August 2009 – German and Philippine representatives of Maleki GMBH (headed by Matthias Gelber) visited JBC Food Corporation to inspect the more than one month old industrial flooring system application, and to congratulate its operations manager, Mr Benson Ng being the first company to implement the low carbon concrete flooring outside Europe.

matthias gelber & benson ng

Matthias Gelber & Benson Ng


Soon after, a site visit was conducted in the factory premises of a JBC’s Food Corp’s sister company. The flooring system of the sister company required a major repair, however the production of the company could not stop for more than 3 weeks according to the estimation using conventional flooring system. The low carbon concrete flooring system of Maleki GMBH with only ninety-six hours downtime compare to three weeks was the solution for the replacement of the existing flooring system. Two sections were divided for the replacement. The 1,200 square meters of JBC building flooring using the low carbon concrete flooring systems needed only 72 hours downtime for each section.

The application of Maleki products to the factory jointly with the PERT-CPM (performance evaluation review technique – critical path method), enable the company to reduce the downtime of the company from a few weeks to a few days. It is very efficient. Operations Manager, Mr. Benson Ng was very pleased and satisfied with the outcome of the application.

mathias gelber & peter riester

Mathias Gelber & Peter Riester

maleki gmbh representatives w/ vic shiroma & willie go

MALEKI GMBH representatives w/ Vic Shiroma & Willie Go


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