porous asphalt pavement w/ recycled tires

According to the Philippine tire industry, the annual average volume of tires in the market is 6.7 million. Around 2.7 million are locally produced and 4 million are imported. Passenger tires account for 65% of the total tire market followed by truck tires at 30%. With very few recycling options, discarded tires will mostly end up on dumpsites.

Large scale recycling is the final step in the earth friendly disposal of scrap tires. Accordingly, the most promising way of recycling rubber is by turning them into ground rubber “crumbs” which can be added to asphalt. It then can be used for paving roads, running tracks, runways and playgrounds. Because of the mixture of rubber, the life of the asphalt pavement is expected to increase by four to five times. In 1989, 11 million kilograms of rubber (around 2.5 million tires) were converted into asphalt-rubber and used in 35 states in the US. This is a recycling process, which the Philippines can also explore.

here is a cool tire recycling technology that’s also good for a storm water management program coz it makes d asphalt pavement breathable..check out d video link bellow!



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