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4those who r interested in conducting energy audit as part of your organization’s overall energy efficiency program. download d file link bellow.

Here’s a link to a free Handbook on Energy Audit. You’ll need a winrar application for desktop pc to unzip the download files. The file is about 15.8 MB when unzipped. This is very useful and informative even for beginners.

Publisher: Fairmont Press
Language: English
ISBN: 0881735779
Paperback: 462 pages
Data: Jan 2008
Format: PDF

Description: A comprehensive, practical reference on energy auditing in buildings and industry, this book provides all the information required to establish an energy audit program. Loaded with forms, checklists and handy working aids, the book is a must for anyone implementing an energy audit. Completely updated, the sixth edition reflects the latest technologies and software available to fine-tune the audit process. It covers accounting procedures, rate of return, analysis and software programs, evaluation tools for audit recommendations, and technologies for electrical, mechanical, and building systems in detail. There are also new case studies on an energy retrofit program and energy assessment using FEDS.

Google Book


or download d pdf file here: Handbook_of_Energy_Audits

if u have a resort/hotel or other tourism activity then u can download the replace handbook of the zero carbon resorts proj:


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