enviro impact of celfones

b4 u buy a new celfone, even if ur old one is still workin but no longer d cutting edge in style…..consider itz environmental impact first! overconsumption is a very nasty habit…if we consume more than wat we actually need, we generate lotz of waste! even if u can afford it…think bout our planet!

if one can live w/out it…..den datz d best……


letz go organic….cartoons!

2many chemicals enter our body thru d food we eat…..tis s definitely not cool….goin organic s a better alternative!

txting & driving…..not cool…

b safe…don’t send sms while driving….tis can happen 2anybody!

Text of RP’s endorsement of Copenhagen Accord – INQUIRER.net, Philippine News for Filipinos

human impact of climate change report

human impact report fr d global humanitarian forum held at geneva in d middle of 2009….i dunno w/ other countries but, climate change is happening here in d philippines….

mangroves in phuket, thailand

last nov. 03, 2009; i had a chance 2visit d banbangrong coastal agrotourism proj. in phuket, thailand.

d pple of banbangrong are muslims & they r preserving their coastal ecosystem in accordance w/ d teachings of their religion…. tis s 1 very positive way of using faith 2preserve d environment w/out any question….

accordingly, d mangroves protected their community during d 2004 tsunami. banbangrong was not heavily damaged compared 2d whole of phuket island! tis made d pple of bangrong more aggressive in protecting d mangroves in their coastal community. they no longer cut d mangroves for charcoal or other purposes coz they’re makin more money in agrotourism…..guess wat! thier cooperative now have 30 million baht!

i hope d coastal pple in d philippines will do d same b4 lotz f men, women & children die in case of a tsunami! guess a great devastation will put an end 2d pervasive illegal charcoal making industry in d coastal villages in d philippines…..

lush mangroves....very2 nice indeed....

it was also my first time 2see w/ my own eyes a walkin fish! der wer lotz of mudskippers (amphibious fish) in d mangrove areas of phuket….very cool!

4more info re: bangrong coastal agrotourism, visit d link below:

one planet, one chance

nice sounds & stunning pics fr magnum photographers. d essay was produced by magnum in motion as commissioned by undp….watch it in full-screen (highly recommended)!


The girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes

RAISE YOUR VOICE and change climate change !

Bring your voice to the world leaders at COP15 – the most important conference on climate change in a decade. As nations seek an agreement to protect the world we want your views from all across the world.

r windmills really that noisy?

Mars Hill residents have benefited from this renewable energy project with lower taxes and cleaner energy. they’re not complaining bout d overall noise pollution generated by d windmills….kindly click on d link bellow:

First Wind Leader in Wind Power, Renewable Energy & Wind Farms.

hope d pple of bangui in ilocos norte r benefiting fr the 25MW wind farm (first in the philippines and in southeast asia) just like other communities in other countries that r hosting them….