Grain Of Sand In The Gears – short film – Germanwatch

One of the three winners of the Germanwatch screenplay competition about Climate Justice by Veselina Vasileva.

The short film “Grain Of Sand In The Gears” shows the connection between the anthropogenetic causes of climate change and the impact on nature and people, living mainly in developing countries. The short film attaches importance to the key issue of the responsibility of every single one of us and asks the audience: “What every single one of us can do against climate change?”
Enough has been said, we need to act immediately, it is up to us.

Where Wind Power Comes From: Climbing Inside a Wind Turbine

Find out what the inside of a wind turbine looks like and how it works and generates wind power as Liz from First Wind embarks on the 6 minute climb inside the tower to the top.

First Wind Leader in Wind Power, Renewable Energy & Wind Farms.

copenhagen accord

The expectation that the Copenhagen climate change summit might agree a new international treaty on climate change was not fulfilled when the meeting finished with a weak voluntary agreement.

This agreement, known as the Copenhagen Accord, does however contain references to what might be done to combat deforestation and does commit nations to providing finance for this purpose.

for an advance unedited copy of the copenhagen accord – UN Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen (UNFCCC COP 15), kindly click d link bellow:


zero carbon resorts project

zcr logo

A recently launched European Union (EU) sponsored project, the “Zero Carbon Resorts“, aims at enabling companies in the tourism industry such as hotels, hostels and resorts of Palawan and other parts of the Philippines to “go green” and stand out as one of the most climate-friendly companies in the area.

This project offers a unique chance for tourism companies to get access to:

• FREE CONSULTING through local and European experts
• a COMPLETE ENERGY AUDIT of their resort or hotel
• database of new and existing COST-SAVING TECHNOLOGIES and best practice solutions in the field of energy.
• handbooks & CD-ROMs on how to save energy
• a certificate
• promotion activities

please refer to the following link for the call for participation:

ZCR_GrAT_Invitation Letter_Briefing Session

ZCR_GrAT_Brief Project Info

Take this rare opportunity and be among the limited 20 resorts to constitute the “Frontier Group”. The Frontier Group will be systematically guided to monitor how much energy they consume, to find solutions to reduce energy cost from our international and local experts, plus a chance to get published in various multi-media publications within the next two years! If you are interested, kindly fill out the application form you find in enclosed documents.

ZCR_GrAT_FG application form

Please send the filled-out Baseline Self-Assessment Checklist as your Registration Form on or before March 1, 2010 to the following e-mail:


for more info kindly follow the link:

storm water managment

tis is a cool new technology for storm water management. d owner does not allow ppl 2embed d videos so here r d links:

smart sponge demo

how it works

d technology behind smart sponge

storm water treatment as ez as 123….wonder how much dey costs…..

concentrated solar power

csp installation w/ stirling engines in u.s.a.