organic vegies in a hotel

organic farming inside a hotel premises in puerto princesa city, palawan…..

lettuce harvest of d day….

tomatoes galore!

deyr using hydroponics technology…….hope itz not d kind wer dey use lotz of chemicals….

hydroponics |ˌhīdrəˈpäniks| – the process of growing plants in sand, gravel, or liquid, with added nutrients but without soil.

d skylight hotel wer dey serve eat-all-u-can salad during breakfast

hapi earth day!

lotz of pple want material things in life… fact, dey want more than what dey really need (tnx parly 2d power of t.v. & advertisements)! over consumption is really bad 4d environment…..

but again, der r also pple who want a better world…….hope more pple will……

concentrated solar power

last 29 march 2010, i traveled to gujarat via mumbai from new delhi 2visit d gadhia solar factory.

gadhia solar company’s vision is 2 provide clean, affordable and sustainable source of energy that will substitute the use of hydrocarbon energy. they installed d world’s largest Solar Steam Cooking System, which cooks 50,000 meals per day at Shree Saibaba Santhan, Shirdi -India. tis s an environmentally cool green & definitely proven technology.

4more info bout gadhia sola & my trip… d pdf file bellow:

gadhia solar visit

dr robert wimmer talks bout energy efficiency & sustainable development

part one

part two

Planetize the Movement

Planetize the Movement: drew dellinger

Drew Dellinger is a spoken word poet, professor, writer, activist and founder of Poets for Global Justice. He has inspired minds and hearts at hundreds of events in many countries, performing poetry and keynoting on justice, ecology, cosmology, activism, democracy and compassion.

what did u do when d planet is plundered? what have u done 2stop d pollution? check out d full video:

Planetize the Movement

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transfer renewable energy & efficiency

Illustration: Different types of renewable energy.

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4those interested in applying 4a scholarship training at d renewables academy (renac) in berlin…..applications r now being accepted until april 30th 2010, see tree proj presentation below:


2know more bout renac pls. check link:

i was lucky 2b one of d recipients of d tree proj scholarship program in early 2009 (Know-how Transfer for Decision Makers and Engineers in Countries wanting to raise the Proportion of Renewable Energy), hope i can share d knowledge gained 2my fellowmen in d very near future….

application forms available at:


inspiring short film!