in search 4an efficient refrigerator

92 watts rated power input 7 cubic feet ref available in d phils. tis is an efficient one! need 2change my ref soon….am looking 4one w/ a built-in running capacitor, tis will reduce consumption during compressor start-ups…..hope 2find one in d near future.

cognitive dissonance

A diagram of cognitive dissonance theory

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cog-ni-tive dis-so-nance (noun Psychology)

the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, esp. as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change.

When we perceive a misalignment between our actions and our beliefs or values, then we experience discomfort and/or confusion. Thus, we work hard to maintain “cognitive consistency”.

cognitive consistency.  This refers to our motivation for our behavior to match our beliefs and values.  If we care enough to get an energy audit done, for instance, then we are likely to consider ourselves engaged in the idea of energy conservation.  If we then act contrary to this belief, by failing to take any measures to reduce our energy consumption, we are likely to feel a sense of hypocrisy, or cognitive dissonance.

sometimes i feel like i’m a green pretender specially when i don’t walk instead of using my car…..hmmmm. am really dependent on my car 4mobility…..can’t always use internet, phones, & oder form of communications 2do my work….guess efficiency & effectiveness is not enough…. hayyyy…