Yellowone Needle Cap (Antivirus)

Syringe Needle IV

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’Yellowone Needle Cap’ is a cheap and non-reusable safety container for disposal of hypodermic needles. It prevents needle-stick injuries and transmission of blood-borne diseases. It helps the World to a life without diseases.

4more info pls. see links bellow:

Step 1: Measure – 4 Steps to Energy Efficiency


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here’s d first step towards energy efficiency by schneider electric: measure

Natural Resource: Harnessing wind energy

Intro – 4 Steps to Energy Efficiency

Diagram of efficiency, energy in, energy out, loss

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here’s an introduction video 2d 4steps towards energy efficiency by schneider electric.

bottled water

new inverter type A/C

A typical home air conditioning unit.

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bellow r new efficient air conditioner available in d phils.

intelligent inverter w/ auto adjusts

dc rotary inverter


Hippo Water Roller Project

do u know of pple who transport potable water from long distances? here’s a practical solution 2d problem!

really good news indeed!