d vertical garden

Wall of living plants near Atocha station Madrid

Image via Wikipedia

tis is great stuff! natural sun screen at its best!

The Vertical Garden is  an efficient way to clean up the air. In addition to leaves and their well-known air-improving effect, the roots and all the micro-organisms related to them are acting as a wide air-cleaning surface with the highest weight to size efficiency.

On the felt, polluting particles are taken in from the air and are slowly decomposed and mineralized before ending up as plant fertilizer. The Vertical Garden is thus an efficient tool for air and water remediation wherever flat surfaces are already extensively used for human activities.

check out d article: http://www.eco-question.com/how-eco-art-be-a-part-of-creating-biodiversity-safe-energy-and-air-purifying-in-the-city-2/comment-page-1#comment-1863


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