Driving the Nissan X-Trail Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle

Cutaway illustration of a fuel cell car

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Driving the Nissan X-Trail Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle from San Fransisco Airport to Sacramento, California on the 2009 Hydrogen Road Tour. This hydrogen vehicle produces zero emissions and runs on electricity that is made on board by a fuel cell. A fuel cell makes electricity by combining hydrogen from the vehicle’s fueling tank and oxygen from the air with no moving parts in a virtually silent process. That means that the only thing you hear on the highway is the sound of the wind and a very faint whir of the electric motor.

chemistry of fuel cells

Fuel cell PEMFC

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An easy-to-understand but thorough explanation of the chemistry of fuel cells.

Save The Human! “Don’t Eat The Planet” Music Video

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vegetarians r definitely more greener than meat lovers!

waste cooking oil (wco)

A selection of cooking oils

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wat do u do w/ ur leftover cooking oils? throwing dem down d  drain s not a good idea since it will clog ur piping system sooner or later. throwing them in d trash?…. it can end up being used again by pple  selling cheap fried foods/snacks….re-using waste cooking oil have a serious health effect. it is now banned to re-use wco in thailand. they found out that poor pple are dying of colon cancer! tis poor pple are always buying cheap foods fried w/ wco. in d phils. when poor pple die, nobody care if they die of cancer or what. some pple believe dat evil spirits cause d death if it’s unexplained….d royal thai navy processes wco into bio-diesel. tis is one of d best way 2dispose wco (itz important 2note dat: rudolf diesel used peanut oil wen he invented d diesel engine, diesel fuel is not yet available then)

public utility vehicles in chiang mai benefits from the less pollution emitted by engines running on bio-diesel.

d by-product glycerin are being turned into soaps & other useful products…

at a smaller scale, one can recycle used cooking oil as raw material for soap making.

wco can also be screened/filtered on a cloth then place in a glass half-filled w/ sand & stones 2b used as a table lamp. those sitting in the table will feel romantic n hungry…imagine d candle emitting a fried chicken smell….good 4restaurants….

Eco-tourism in Thailand

tis is a very good example of sustainable tourism! very nice case study indeed. hope we’ll have more resorts doin tis in the very near future….

soap saver

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wat do u do w/ leftover bath soaps? if u throw dem away den datz not cool. did u know dat bath soaps r best to clean stains on laundry? in fact dey’r good in cleaning anything around ur hse, so nxt tme u got some leftover soaps….put dem in a soap saver so u can reuse dem again.

u can use old socks or watever material u can recycle. but 4me, i use a hand knitted soap saver….left over soaps r small in size so dey’r hard 2b of use especially f dey became tinier…  d idea s 2aggregate tiny leftover soaps so dey can b useful again.

go ahead save some money & protect d environment at d smae time….while ur at it here r som more tips: biodegradable soaps r d best! dey don’t contain phospates dat r bad 4d water environment (though pple in d soap industry don’t think dat chemicals like phosphates r bad 4d environment).  buy soaps fr community cooperatives, ngo’s & d like,  most likely dey produce enviro friendly soaps & ur helping d community make money as well. buying locally is more sustainable & datz a fact! use ur money 2save d planet….unless u wanted  very luxurious imported fr faraway land soap dat contain lots of palm oils dat hav  significant environmental impact!

if ur not rich & ur throwing ur leftover soaps away….tsk…tsk…tsk…think again! if ur rich &  don’t care bout d money….think bout d environment instead! f u think dat u’ve got a valid & logical reason not 2reuse leftover soaps…..go ahead….throw dem away….itz ur choice!