electricity fr foot vibrations

Micro stepping piezo motor SPA from CEDRAT

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d technology makes use of “piezoelectricity”, a property certain materials have to generate an electric current when they are squeezed or pressed.

toyota lpg forklift

Japanese in-vehicle LPG bottle on Forklift

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itz good 2know that toyota motors phils is selling lpg (liquefied petroleum gas) fired forklifts…..forklifts emit pollutants & its bad 4d health of workers whenever they operate inside a factory or warehouse…lpg forklifts have a lower carbon footprint compared 2diesel fueled ones…but electric powered forklifts r better!

wish more philippine companies will utilize forklifts dat emit less pollutants in the air….

The economic injustice of plastic

A variety of household objects made out of pla...

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Van Jones lays out a case against plastic pollution from the perspective of social justice. Because plastic trash, he shows us, hits poor people and poor countries “first and worst,” with consequences we all share no matter where we live and what we earn. At TEDxGPGP, he offers a few powerful ideas to help us reclaim our throwaway planet.

reusable tampons

Wingless type (left) and winged type (right) o...

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everyday, thousands of sanitary napkins are being disposed off in dump sites in the phils…..or everywhere…tis pollution can be stopped by using reusable silicon menstrual cup.

tis s a great challenge to females who wanted to be really green (or an addition 2deir green credentials)….been telling lady friends bout tis technology…but always get an un smiley face….

here’s d link to d reusable tampon: http://www.mooncup.co.uk/

one can go swimming, jogging, dancing, etc. w/ it! cool eh? but more safer, environment friendlier, n of course cheaper in the long run!

just wish dat tis product will b available in d phils.

if ur one of d few women using tis technology……i would like 2congratulate u!