biodegradable packaging

  • no Styrofoam
  • non-wood fiber – no trees 2b cut
  • made out of sugarcane fibers
  • no carcinogen
  • no heavy metals
  • bio-degradable in 45 days

hope enviro friendly products like tis r available in d philippines at competitive prices….

using plastics & Styrofoam to package foodstuff ain’t cool! locally available materials r also better alternatives such as bana2 leaves, wooden utensils, etc.

u r wat u eat…..

r bottled water really cool?

energy savers! do dey work?

DDR 2178 - Energy Conservation

Image by pdxjmorris via Flickr

there r lots of energy saver gadgets in d market 2day. since pple r hungry 2lower deir electric bills…dey wil do or buy anything dat will save dem money d easiest way! ‘energy conservation is doing d same things but using less electricity by implementing enercon measures’ & installing energy saving gadgets is not one of them!

tis gadgets r not cheap! good salesmen can really rip-u-off….in rural areas, pple connected w/ electric companies/cooperatives r even endorsing tis products….

dey come in different colors but dey have diff prices coz dey r sold by diff entities…

dey r being sold in malls & hardware shops all over d philippines. der is no company address so warranty claims is nxt 2imposible…dey claim very high returns….guess d only real winner in tis game is d seller…..

one should beware of pple selling expensive equipment & saying dat d fossil fuel companies r out 2get dem so dey work secretly! most likely ur buying heavy metal or cement inside a nice looking hi-tech box dat play around w/ d sine waves of d energy supply so d elec meter gets confused! u wil probably pay less 4electricity but others will pay for it since it will b included in the ‘systems loss’. & of course be careful dat u won’t caught any fire w/ dbackyard quality equipment….

i got one extreme power saver installed in my house. it sucks up 20watts wen no other load is present according 2my power meter. it lowers d energy consumption by almost d same wattage wen loads r present specially induction motors, e.g. refs & washing machines. d salesman told me great savings especially if i buy more units!