no smoking!

English: Smoking kills. Written on cigarette b...

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in case u crave 4a cigarette w/in d city of taguig…..better be prepared….dey don’t sell any tobacco products der anymore!

hoooray 4d d political will of d pple in taguig!

tis s d best no smoking policy ever!

underwater art!

School of Goldband Fusilier, Pterocaesio chrys...

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cool idea! fish aggregating device + coral substrate = tourist attraction. hope illegal fishermen won’t harvest d fishes…..

What economic value do forests have?

Free Money Collection in Cash

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if only we can put a value on our forests…..den we can protect dem better….

could b d future of energy……

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cool green tech using nano technology!

biosand filter

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harvesting rainwater will b d standard n d near future…..i.e. fresh water will b so expensive dat pple will eventually utilize free water fr above….water filtration will b needed so one can use rainwater 2d fullest. biosand filters can help….

here’s a good animation on how a biosand filter works…