What economic value do forests have?

Free Money Collection in Cash

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if only we can put a value on our forests…..den we can protect dem better….

Emergency Alert- Save The Planet


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go green….eat veggies…eating less meat can help save the planet, how? check d video out!

mangrove forest of sabang, palawan

Above and below water view at the edge of the ...

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may 29, 2010: had a chance 2visit d mangrove paddle-boat tour in sabang, palawan. it’s near d famous underground river

lady mangrove herself was d one who guided us in d tour… Aida Moyano is president of the Mangrove Paddle-boat Tour Guide Association. tourist help in d preservation f d mangroves since 40% of d fees goes 2d association & 60% go 2d guides.

d mangrove trees r tall & some r more dan 100 years f age….

as a tradition, each visitor has 2plant at least one mangrove seedling at d end f d tour…..w/ all those young mangrove trees around….it seems dat lots n lots of pple already visited d place…..

stopping deforestation in russia

watch d video here! just click on d link bellow:


copenhagen accord

The expectation that the Copenhagen climate change summit might agree a new international treaty on climate change was not fulfilled when the meeting finished with a weak voluntary agreement.

This agreement, known as the Copenhagen Accord, does however contain references to what might be done to combat deforestation and does commit nations to providing finance for this purpose.

for an advance unedited copy of the copenhagen accord – UN Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen (UNFCCC COP 15), kindly click d link bellow:


relationship between climate change and rainforest destruction

This clip explains what is happening to the planet as a result of rainforest deforestation. Using images and graphics, this film explains the importance of the forests and why we must stop destroying them before its too late.