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many pple change deir light bulbs into a more efficient ones 2lower their energy bills….cool energy conservation measure…but energy efficiency is doing more using less energy….it means itz more than just changing d bulbs! energy monitoring s a good tool dat help you analyze & evaluate ur energy consumption performance…..

wana improve ur energy performance at home? u can see ur improvements via online using welectricity…..check it out:

Top 10 Most Environmentally Friendly Nations

The 2010 Environmental Performance Index, which ranks 163 countries on 25 performance indicators tracked across ten policy categories covering both environmental public health and ecosystem vitality, has been released, and it’s worth looking at in closer detail for the aspiring expat or the eco-conscious traveler. These are the places with the most pristine environments, cleanest waters, most startling biodiversity and even some of the best public transportation or health– definitely things that should be on the top of any soon-to-be expat’s mind.

2see d list, just follow d link bellow:

dr robert wimmer talks bout energy efficiency & sustainable development

part one

part two

zero carbon resorts project

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A recently launched European Union (EU) sponsored project, the “Zero Carbon Resorts“, aims at enabling companies in the tourism industry such as hotels, hostels and resorts of Palawan and other parts of the Philippines to “go green” and stand out as one of the most climate-friendly companies in the area.

This project offers a unique chance for tourism companies to get access to:

• FREE CONSULTING through local and European experts
• a COMPLETE ENERGY AUDIT of their resort or hotel
• database of new and existing COST-SAVING TECHNOLOGIES and best practice solutions in the field of energy.
• handbooks & CD-ROMs on how to save energy
• a certificate
• promotion activities

please refer to the following link for the call for participation:

ZCR_GrAT_Invitation Letter_Briefing Session

ZCR_GrAT_Brief Project Info

Take this rare opportunity and be among the limited 20 resorts to constitute the “Frontier Group”. The Frontier Group will be systematically guided to monitor how much energy they consume, to find solutions to reduce energy cost from our international and local experts, plus a chance to get published in various multi-media publications within the next two years! If you are interested, kindly fill out the application form you find in enclosed documents.

ZCR_GrAT_FG application form

Please send the filled-out Baseline Self-Assessment Checklist as your Registration Form on or before March 1, 2010 to the following e-mail:


for more info kindly follow the link:

shower timer

pple waste a lot of water wen dey spend a lot of time taking a shower….lotz of energy r also wasted wen one have a water heater. we can save money by cutting showering time, but changing ones’ beahvior is a tricky thing….how much time do we need 2take a shower, clean ourselves & save money at d same time? itz obvious dat a 30-minute shower waste water (& electricity/hot water) more than a 5-minute shower…so we need 2quantify things 2improve our environmental performance….one inexpensive solution? simple…use a shower timer! just turn d sandtimer half-way (180 degrees) wen u start ur shower den stop wen d last grain of sand fall….of course nobody can stop u fr continuing ur shower activity……itz ur choice….u can spend more time in d shower or make a difference….

sandtimer w/ suction cup

4-minute sandtimer w/ suction cup

less water use means less wastewater generated…less pollution….

less energy use (in case of hot water)….less green house gas emitted 2produce electricity….

one can also buy an automatic shower timer 4those who can afford dem & can’t control pple 2save water….

full flow w/in certain no. of minutes....

full flow w/in certain no. of minutes....

restricted-flow ... enough to finish rinsing

restricted-flow ... enough to finish rinsing

boiler efficiency & accidents

i’ve been doin research on boiler efficiency since this is one of d major areas where industrial companies can save a lot of money while minimizing their organization’s global warming potential. bad emissions is a sign of money being burnt….w/ dcost of fossil fuel continuously being volatile, making a boiler work efficiently should be d standard….fuel efficiency is not only bout money savings but also bout safety….an inefficient boiler means trouble….big trouble…it’s like dealing w/ a pressure cooker in d kitchen, it’s very dangerous when u don’t deal w/it properly.

at d start of this holly week, a heat exchanger tank of a boiler system exploded in a styrofoam factory in bulacan province. according 2d news, der wer almost a dozen pple killed in d accident.



many companies are converting their boilers 2utilize biomass just like this styrofoam factory, i.e. dey’r using rice husks as fuel 4d boiler. biomass boiler owners should be particularly carefull bout d fireside since soot accumulation is inevitable….soot in d fireside of a firetube boiler means less heat transfer so more fuel is needed 2burn 2heat d same amount f water. accordingly: ‘soot has five times the insulating value of asbestos. allowing it to accumulate in boiler firetubes wastes fuel-a 3/16″ accumulation in the firetubes will waste more than 20% of the boilers’ fuel.’

in d waterside, water scale, lime & rust accumulate n have a significant impact on heat transfer….more scales means more fuel needed…

therefore, bad boiler maintenance means bad air emissions, inefficient heat transfer, more fuel being burnt…and most of all….it can be an accident waiting 2happen….

when companies loose 10 million pesos (not including d cost of lost lives) like this styrofoam factory….dey will no longer think bout d cost-benefit-analysis of preventive maintenance….an efficient boiler is not only bad for d company’s bottomline in d short-term (due 2expenses 2b incurred) but also good 4d environment as well as d safety & health of d workers in d long-run….

if d styrofoam company can prove dat dey have a working boiler efficiency program  (bep)….i can only agree dat wat happened is really an accident…

if companies can calculate how much savings is d 20% of deir million peso fuel expenses & d cost savings in preventing an accident….it will den be a no-brainer 2implement a bep…..