93 million miles by jason mraz….

d climate reality proj’s 24 hours of reality: d dirty weather report…..

New Philippine Accreditation Standards for Hotels, Resorts, and Apartment Hotels

just got out of the oven! new DoT accreditation stds. 4 resorts & hotels w/ environmental ratings….criteria/indicators on green initiatives/activities/services, etc.

it really pays 2b green! more fun in a greener philippines!

u can download d file here: NewAcreditationStandards

no smoking!

English: Smoking kills. Written on cigarette b...

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in case u crave 4a cigarette w/in d city of taguig…..better be prepared….dey don’t sell any tobacco products der anymore!

hoooray 4d d political will of d pple in taguig!

tis s d best no smoking policy ever!

solar bulbs @ a charity hospital

it feels good wen d institution ur volunteering ur talent is following ur advice….tis s wat i felt wen d maintenance guy (mr ogie) of st martin de porres charity hospital installed solar bulbs (using a softdrink pet bottle – a.k.a isang litrong liwanag). in the powerhouse of the hospital’s sewerage treatment plant & at the maintenance staff house. they used to leave d lights open on tis areas even in mid day since d areas are dimly lit….now dey don’t need 2waste electricity wenever d sun s shining!

mr ogie showing d newly installed solar bulb n d stp powerhouse area

lights @d maintenance staff quarters r no longer lit during d day!

d solar bulb recessed into d cieling of d staff's quarters (d plywood sidings should be tapered/slanted like a trapezoid to allow more sunlight to enter d room)

d pple who have seen d solar bulbs r happy bout it. accordingly, dey didn’t had any problem bout leakage even after some heavy rains…some volunteer staff of d hospital r planning 2install d solar bulbs in their houses..mr ogie is now teaching d interested ones how 2make solar bulbs by demselves. .can’t wait 2see tis thing multiply!

kudos 2mr haresh daswani & ilac diaz on tis technology!

15 most creative green roofs

light colored roofing

Urban heat island profile

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white colored roof s 20 degrees celsius cooler than dark colored roof. see experiment below using an infrared camera.

spot 1 (white color) = 42.9 deg c

spot 3 (black color) = 64.8 deg c

painting ur roof w/ a high albedo (light colored & reflective) coating can help lower the air-conditioning expenses since dark colored roof absorbs the sun’s heat. in tropical countries like the phils., dark colored roofs should be avoided since we don’t want to heat our house coz we don’t have winter snow anyway.

dark colored roofs also contribute to ‘urban heat island effect’…..

so paint ur roof white for a cooler world…..

toyota lpg forklift

Japanese in-vehicle LPG bottle on Forklift

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itz good 2know that toyota motors phils is selling lpg (liquefied petroleum gas) fired forklifts…..forklifts emit pollutants & its bad 4d health of workers whenever they operate inside a factory or warehouse…lpg forklifts have a lower carbon footprint compared 2diesel fueled ones…but electric powered forklifts r better!

wish more philippine companies will utilize forklifts dat emit less pollutants in the air….

Solar Energy (Freiburg, Germany)

Feed-In Tariff infographic

hope d phils. will have a feed-in-tariff soon so pple will be motivated 2invest in renewable energies…..d video is a nice example of pple walking d talk….cool urban eco-village!

Eco-tourism in Thailand

tis is a very good example of sustainable tourism! very nice case study indeed. hope we’ll have more resorts doin tis in the very near future….

d vertical garden

Wall of living plants near Atocha station Madrid

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tis is great stuff! natural sun screen at its best!

The Vertical Garden is  an efficient way to clean up the air. In addition to leaves and their well-known air-improving effect, the roots and all the micro-organisms related to them are acting as a wide air-cleaning surface with the highest weight to size efficiency.

On the felt, polluting particles are taken in from the air and are slowly decomposed and mineralized before ending up as plant fertilizer. The Vertical Garden is thus an efficient tool for air and water remediation wherever flat surfaces are already extensively used for human activities.

check out d article: http://www.eco-question.com/how-eco-art-be-a-part-of-creating-biodiversity-safe-energy-and-air-purifying-in-the-city-2/comment-page-1#comment-1863

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