no smoking!

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in case u crave 4a cigarette w/in d city of taguig…..better be prepared….dey don’t sell any tobacco products der anymore!

hoooray 4d d political will of d pple in taguig!

tis s d best no smoking policy ever!

toyota lpg forklift

Japanese in-vehicle LPG bottle on Forklift

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itz good 2know that toyota motors phils is selling lpg (liquefied petroleum gas) fired forklifts…..forklifts emit pollutants & its bad 4d health of workers whenever they operate inside a factory or warehouse…lpg forklifts have a lower carbon footprint compared 2diesel fueled ones…but electric powered forklifts r better!

wish more philippine companies will utilize forklifts dat emit less pollutants in the air….

titanium dioxide airconditioner

kolin philippines recently incorporated the titanium dioxide photocatalytic technology in their airconditioners that accordingly  has effectively helped in the elimination of airborne bacteria, mold, fungi, household odors and viruses. The TiO2 photocatalytic action attacks and destroys contaminants that are constantly circulating through the air by disintegrating their DNA, turning harmful air into harmless CO2 (carbon dioxide) and H2O (water).

with the help of nano technology, it allows their air-conditioners to give ppl not just cooling comfort, but also pure, clean and healthier air. this is a good locally available green technology for improving indoor air quality.

kolin clean air window type aircon

kolin clean air window type aircon

indoor air quality

going back 2d basics…plants absorb co2 n produces o2 thru photosynthesis….here’s a talk bout d topic of producing fresh air 2improve indoor air quality….

2address indoor air pollution if ever u have only few plants inside ur bldgs…..we can use light bulbs coated w/ titanium dioxide. tis kind of light bulbs destroys harmfull gases, eliminate odor causing chemicals, kills airborne mold spores, create a germ-free work area, etc…..btw, it also a light bulb dat will light ur house….

d bulbs are self-cleaning & cleans d air thru photocatalysis……cool technology…..though quite expensive…but w/ itz capabilities aside fr producing light…..itz worth it….can’t wait 2get my hands on my upcoming samples…..

2see more info….download d pdf file bellow: