no smoking!

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in case u crave 4a cigarette w/in d city of taguig…..better be prepared….dey don’t sell any tobacco products der anymore!

hoooray 4d d political will of d pple in taguig!

tis s d best no smoking policy ever!

fire safety

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here’s a very nice & informative video regarding fire safety!

why is it so hard 2quit smoking?

Stop for no smoking terror

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pple can’t simply stop smoking cigarettes even though they know that it’s bad for their health & d environment. d secret? itz d pleasure principle man! check tis out!

click on d info-graphic bellow to view a larger image. den u can zoom out further 2see more details.

charity hospital

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am now working as a volunteer environmental consultant for a charity hospital in san juan city. details of w/c follows:

St. Martin De Porres Charity Hospital (SMPCH) is a health care service provider that provides free & affordable medical services to its constituents all over the Philippines. SMPCH is a Tertiary Hospital established in September 27, 1959. It is situated in a Three Thousand Two Hundred Sixty Nine square meter (3,269 m2) lot & has an approximate total floor area of Nine Thousand Five Hundred Thirty One square meters (9,531 m2). The Parish Priest of Corporacion De Padres Dominicos (a non-profit, non-stock corporation) owns the lot.

will try  2improve the environmental performance of tis charity hospital starting tis month….i’m not a prayerful person so tis my way of praying in a way….

one thing that struck my attention during a walk-through audit was the way they handle sharps/needles. see pictures bellow.

sharps r being collected inside empty water bottles.

syringes r likewise placed inside same kind of containers.

some sharps r placed in empty plastic gallon containers.

d best way 2manage sharps s 2separate dem fr syringes at source den contain dem in a tamper proof, puncture resistant & leak proof container…safe 4d medical practitioner as well as to other pple down d line until its proper treatment or disposal…tis s wer d yellowone needle cap comes in: also check out:

d yellowone needle cap was invented by ms han pham – a very ingenious designer indeed!….one of my personal heroes!

u r wat u eat…..

toyota lpg forklift

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itz good 2know that toyota motors phils is selling lpg (liquefied petroleum gas) fired forklifts…..forklifts emit pollutants & its bad 4d health of workers whenever they operate inside a factory or warehouse…lpg forklifts have a lower carbon footprint compared 2diesel fueled ones…but electric powered forklifts r better!

wish more philippine companies will utilize forklifts dat emit less pollutants in the air….

safe needle disposal

Hypodermic needle and Syringe

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i just received a snail mail package of one dozen Yellowone Needle Cap (Antivirus) from ms. han pham (d designer/inventor) herself!

Yellowone Needle Cap is a non-reusable sharps container for disposal of hypodermic needles. It is designed for syringes with luer-slip. The cap fits over 90 percent of all beverage cans in the world.

will now start to work on how poor clinics in the philippines can safely disposed off their sharps to protect d health workers, patients, communities as well as d environment!

sharp wastes can be minimized by 90% by segregating d needles fr d syringes after each use….infectious waste disposal is an expensive activity so reducing its volume mean savings in disposal costs!

best practices in health care recommend the segregation of needles/sharps at point of use. Source: WHO. it is the needle that is dangerous. It sticks deep – it goes straight into the muscle or the vein. The syringe itself does no harm, because it cannot cut or stick deep through the skin. Therefore, it can be disposed according to local regulations. Source: Annelie Ginzel, MSF.

for those who are not in compliance w/ republic act 6969 (toxic & hazardous waste law), e.g. they don’t have a proper treatment facility nearby. probably a sharp pit (or burial pit) can be a safer alternative. it is very interesting to note that many needles end up in open dumpsites that r accessible to scavengers that recycles them w/o proper treatment.

mercury minimization program

last july 14, 2009, we conducted a mercury minimization program workshop w/ d hospital waste mgt. committee (hwmc) of d lucena united doctors hospital & medical center (ludhmc).


mercury is the only metal element dat is in liquid form at room temperature. it is highly toxic, especially when metabolized into methyl mercury. accordingly,  it may cause harmful effects 2d nervous, digestive, respiratory, immune systems & 2d kidneys, besides causing lung damage. adverse health effects from mercury exposure can be: tremors, impaired vision and hearing, paralysis, insomnia, emotional instability, developmental deficits during fetal development, and attention deficit and developmental delays during childhood.

In 1991, the World Health Organization (WHO) concluded that a safe level of mercury exposure, below which no adverse effects, has never been established.

in view of tis, ludhmc is now pursuing a mercury minimization program as part of d hospital’s social development program. some f d strategies include d ff:

  • mercury fever thermometers are no longer issued 2patients’ kits. likewise, d pharmacy s no longer selling tis thermometers. 2eliminate oder sources, patients will b prohibited 2bring-in tis kind of fever thermometers.


  • identification of mercury containing equipment/devices & sources per department by members of d hwmc. listing of sources & uses of mercury as well as their amt/volume.
  • labeling (‘containing mercury’ ) d devices 2alert its users regarding d danger of spillage/breakage. & a goal 2phase-out their purchase in favor of safer, equally effective alternatives. tis includes d assessment of alternatives & their costs.
  • pollution prevention tru proper hazardous mercury waste segregation, storage & disposal, e.g. not 2b included in infectious waste stream…


  • drafting of a purchasing policy that requires vendors to sign a mercury-content disclosure agreement.
  • 2conduct a mercury awareness campaign as well as emplyoyee education & training on preventing and proper handing of mercury spills.
  • mercury spills clean-up tool kit will b made available in every nurse stations.
  • collection & proper handling of busted fluorescent lamps. mercury containing lamps r stored properly & accounted for in accordance w/ R.A. 6969 (hazwas mgt act) prior 2disposal by an accredited treater. a target of 10% annual replacement of energy efficient & mercury free led lights (light emitting diodes) n d hospital s up4 consideration.
  • promotion of dental amalgam fillings alternatives as well as actions like, amalgam storage and handling & amalgam capsule handling. bellow is a preview of a one hour fully referenced documentary about d danger of mercury fr dental amalgam ( and

hope dat tis measures will b d start of a successful program…..

smoking kills

last may 30, 2009, while inside d duty free shopping area of dusseldorf airport – i was surprised 2see d labels of d cigarettes displayed in d shops!

tis can surely discourage pple fr smoking….tis can even help prevent pollution….i.e. air pollution as well as land & water pollution (fr cigarette butts)! cigarette butts last a lifetime (since itz non-biodegradable) thus making tis issue an environmental one & not a ‘right to smoke’ issue…b4 i stopped smokin in 1997 (i had som kinda palpitation back den due probably 2smoking), i used 2press & put my cigarette butts inside d plastic cover of my cigarette pack & disposed dem properly 2gether w/ d spent packaging afterwards….


smoking seriously harms u & d oders around u!


smoking can cause a slow & painful death!


protect children: don’t let dem breathe ur smoke!


ur doctor or ur pharmacist can help u stop smoking!


smoking clogs d arteries & causes heart attacks & strokes!


stopping smoking reduces d risk of fatal heart & lung diseases!

smoking causes aging of d skin!


smoking is highly addictive, don’t start!


smokers die younger!



hope dat labels like tis will be available in d phils soon….2warn pple bout d evils f smokin! after all, itz not truly glamorous & hip 2smoke….

my mother died of cancer of d colon & she still smoked until she died coz she thinks dat her smokin habit is not related 2her disease….i wonder how many smokers really die of just lung cancer….most if not all f dem just die f oder causes….

improved cooking stove

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Fumes from indoor cooking fires kill more than 2 million children a year in the developing world. MIT engineer Amy Smith details an exciting but simple solution: a tool for turning farm waste into clean-burning charcoal.

in 2008, together w/ my japanese friend mr junji takano, we developed an improved cooking stove 2help mitigate d black carbon emitted fr kitchen households utilizing charcoal or fuelwood. click on d link below 2see d pdf file


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