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am now working as a volunteer environmental consultant for a charity hospital in san juan city. details of w/c follows:

St. Martin De Porres Charity Hospital (SMPCH) is a health care service provider that provides free & affordable medical services to its constituents all over the Philippines. SMPCH is a Tertiary Hospital established in September 27, 1959. It is situated in a Three Thousand Two Hundred Sixty Nine square meter (3,269 m2) lot & has an approximate total floor area of Nine Thousand Five Hundred Thirty One square meters (9,531 m2). The Parish Priest of Corporacion De Padres Dominicos (a non-profit, non-stock corporation) owns the lot.

will try  2improve the environmental performance of tis charity hospital starting tis month….i’m not a prayerful person so tis my way of praying in a way….

one thing that struck my attention during a walk-through audit was the way they handle sharps/needles. see pictures bellow.

sharps r being collected inside empty water bottles.

syringes r likewise placed inside same kind of containers.

some sharps r placed in empty plastic gallon containers.

d best way 2manage sharps s 2separate dem fr syringes at source den contain dem in a tamper proof, puncture resistant & leak proof container…safe 4d medical practitioner as well as to other pple down d line until its proper treatment or disposal…tis s wer d yellowone needle cap comes in: also check out:

d yellowone needle cap was invented by ms han pham – a very ingenious designer indeed!….one of my personal heroes!

mangroves in phuket, thailand

last nov. 03, 2009; i had a chance 2visit d banbangrong coastal agrotourism proj. in phuket, thailand.

d pple of banbangrong are muslims & they r preserving their coastal ecosystem in accordance w/ d teachings of their religion…. tis s 1 very positive way of using faith 2preserve d environment w/out any question….

accordingly, d mangroves protected their community during d 2004 tsunami. banbangrong was not heavily damaged compared 2d whole of phuket island! tis made d pple of bangrong more aggressive in protecting d mangroves in their coastal community. they no longer cut d mangroves for charcoal or other purposes coz they’re makin more money in agrotourism…..guess wat! thier cooperative now have 30 million baht!

i hope d coastal pple in d philippines will do d same b4 lotz f men, women & children die in case of a tsunami! guess a great devastation will put an end 2d pervasive illegal charcoal making industry in d coastal villages in d philippines…..

lush mangroves....very2 nice indeed....

it was also my first time 2see w/ my own eyes a walkin fish! der wer lotz of mudskippers (amphibious fish) in d mangrove areas of phuket….very cool!

4more info re: bangrong coastal agrotourism, visit d link below:

tribute to fr. thomas berry

tis p.m. aug. 8, 2009, i attended a tribute to fr. thomas berry held @d Remedios Jubilee Mission Center at Malate Church, Manila. d said tribute was a joint activity of  d Great Work Movement Philippines, Care for the Earth Ministry of Our Lady of Remedies Parish and Columban JPIC.

Representatives from people’s organizations, green networks, religious groups, the academe, business sector and individuals like Sr. Aida Velazquez of Lingkod Tao Kalikasan, Fr. Brendan Lovett, S.S.C. and Nicanor Perlas who have devoted their lives to the cause of saving Mother Earth gave testimonials about the great influence of Thomas Berry’s teachings on their respective advocacy and work.

the Great Work Movement Philippines mourn the passing of one of the great minds of the 20th century. Passionist priest and acclaimed cultural historian Thomas Berry died in Well-Spring Retirement Community, Greensboro N.C, at 6:25 a.m., last June 1 2009. He was 94. Fr. Thomas Berry, described in Newsweek magazine in 1989 as “the most provocative figure among the new breed of eco-theologians,” was among the first to say the earth crisis is fundamentally a spiritual crisis. Berry considered himself a cosmologist and “geologian,” an Earth scholar. He was a visionary who inspired many people and organizations throughout the world with his teachings about the new cosmology.



Pope to Build the Biggest Solar Power Plant in Europe

vatican city is gearing up 2fight climate change…itz good dat d pope is an ideological environmentalist…..

2see d whole story…just click on dlink: Pope to Build the Biggest Solar Power Plant in Europe


Photo via the Florida Catholic

seven new sins

as d catholic communities around d world are observing d lenten season… this spirit, i would like 2share the list of d 7 new modern sins w/c was issued by d vatican last march 2008. the no. 1 new modern sin is very much environmentally significant w/c says… ‘thou shall not pollute the earth’

2download d pdf file of d complete list, kindly click on d link bellow: