plastic bottles

according to, there are bout 38 billion disposable water bottles being thrown away every year in tis planet!

i sometimes consume water bottles wenever der s no alternative….so 2cut down on tis stupidity….i purchased a nice & cool refillable bottle at r.o.x. (recreation outdoor exchange at boni high street at d fort, taguig).

using a refillable water bottle never been cooler dan tis! it doesn’t need 2b boring man!

Water Bottle

Image by Christopher S. Penn via Flickr

Innovative, Reusable “Replenish” Spray Bottle Could Disrupt Home… – StumbleUpon

solar water heater using empty plastic bottles

Power station

Image by green_kermit via Flickr

re-using empty soda bottles s a cool green idea! using electricity to produce hot water s d most inefficient way of heating water….it contributes to high peak demand when everybody take a shower in the morning or early evening! thus, more energy is needed to be produced by power plants w/c usually r fueled by coal, diesel or bunker oil! using d sun 2heat water s d best thing dat we can do help stop d pollution!

solar bulbs


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talkin bout cheap day lighting techniques….towards a low carbon society…re-using empty soda plastic bottles is not a bad idea, they last a hundred years anyway…

day lighting s using no artificial lights when d sun is shinning! definitely saves money!

biodegradable packaging

  • no Styrofoam
  • non-wood fiber – no trees 2b cut
  • made out of sugarcane fibers
  • no carcinogen
  • no heavy metals
  • bio-degradable in 45 days

hope enviro friendly products like tis r available in d philippines at competitive prices….

using plastics & Styrofoam to package foodstuff ain’t cool! locally available materials r also better alternatives such as bana2 leaves, wooden utensils, etc.

plastic waste recycling

convenience store recycle bins #572

Image by Nemo's great uncle via Flickr

“If we burn the plastic, we generate toxins and a large amount of CO2. If we convert it into oil, we save CO2 and at the same time increase people’s awareness about the value of plastic garbage,” says Akinori Ito, CEO of Blest.

Blest’s conversion technology is very safe because it uses a temperature controlling electric heater rather than flame. The machines are able to process polyethylene, polystyrene and polypropylene (numbers 2-4) but not PET bottles (number 1). The result is a crude gas that can fuel things like generators or stoves and, when refined, can even be pumped into a car, a boat or motorbike. One kilogram of plastic produces almost one liter of oil. To convert that amount takes about 1 kilowatt of electricity.

The Majestic Plastic Bag – A Mockumentary

do u know wer most plastic wastes end up? follow d trail man…..check it out!

The economic injustice of plastic

A variety of household objects made out of pla...

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Van Jones lays out a case against plastic pollution from the perspective of social justice. Because plastic trash, he shows us, hits poor people and poor countries “first and worst,” with consequences we all share no matter where we live and what we earn. At TEDxGPGP, he offers a few powerful ideas to help us reclaim our throwaway planet.

plastic straws

Plastic drinking straws

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prevent pollution by avoiding d use of plastic straws. y? see bellow:

  • deyr made fr non-renewable resources. even though deyr from byproducts of oil refining, i.e putting waste in2 good use
  • dey r seldom recycled
  • most of dem end up in sewer lines, dump sites, or everywhere….
  • animals mistake dem as food…
  • ur not really cool, sophisticated or rich wen having straws in ur drink…

d only time one really needs a straw is wen one is sick……or wen one have a very2 sensitive teeth….straws r useful wen drinking in d car though….maybe one can use paper straws instead…or maybe glass straws….

bag d bag

Example of an American grocery store aisle.

Image via Wikipedia

bring ur own bag 2d market or grocery store! drop d plastic bag……check out tis nice video fr nat’l geo….

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