Driving the Nissan X-Trail Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle

Cutaway illustration of a fuel cell car

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Driving the Nissan X-Trail Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle from San Fransisco Airport to Sacramento, California on the 2009 Hydrogen Road Tour. This hydrogen vehicle produces zero emissions and runs on electricity that is made on board by a fuel cell. A fuel cell makes electricity by combining hydrogen from the vehicle’s fueling tank and oxygen from the air with no moving parts in a virtually silent process. That means that the only thing you hear on the highway is the sound of the wind and a very faint whir of the electric motor.

chemistry of fuel cells

Fuel cell PEMFC

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An easy-to-understand but thorough explanation of the chemistry of fuel cells.

how fuel cells work

wana know how fuel cells work? den check tis out!

toyota fuel cell hybrid vehicle

toyota’s quest 4deir ultimate eco car….very cool technology…

New Report Shows Hydrogen Vehicles Will Drive Change

National Hydrogen Association released a new report called the “Energy Evolution: An Analysis of Alternative Vehicles and Fuels to 2100.” The Energy Evolution shows that a scenario which initially includes a mix of alternative vehicles, and is later dominated by hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles sales is the only way to simultaneously cut U.S. greenhouse gas pollution by 80% below 1990 levels; reach petroleum quasi-independence by mid-century; and eliminate nearly all controllable air pollution by the end of the century. The report also shows that an expansion of hydrogen stations is more affordable than most people think.

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hydrogen fuel cell car video

here is a link to the first generation fuel cell car made by ford. i documented the video during my visit to the National Research CouncilĀ  Canada at the University of British Columbia way back in November 2005. i participated then in the ‘APEC Workshop on Roadmapping Future Fuels Technologies’ by the Office of Science and Technology Foresight; National Research Council, Canada; National Metal and Materials Technology Center (MTEC), Thailand; APEC Center for Technology Foresight (Thailand); National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA, Thailand).

information regarding how water can be used as a means to produce energy is illustrated in the video, i.e. the solar hydrogen energy system. very cool demonstration…..a proof that we can avoid fossil fuels if we want to…

this first-gen fuel cell car by ford was built in 1998…..ironically, producing the biggest and gas guzzling SUVs made ford not the one on top of the alternative fuel race….

the video was created by my friend robert arivara, jr. and his late wife lili arivara. they are the guys who won the best editing award at the moonrise film festival last 2005 for the short film environmental art.

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hydrogen fuel cell video

clean car

hydrogen fueled car by bmw

hydrogen fueled car by bmw