how much water do one consume in a day?

This amazing graphic story by Angella Morelli shows that one can consume about 3.5 cubic meters f water per day depending on wat activity & wat kinda food one eat!

here’s d link 2d info-graphic:

here’s a jpg version of d info-graphic:

food production & water use

A cross sectional diagram showing qualitative ...

A cross sectional diagram showing qualitative flow times for various pathways through a typical aquifer system, from USGS circular 1139. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

der s a need 2efficiently use our water resource!

10 ways 2stop wasting water

click on d infographic 2zoom out….

how 2lower ur water consumption footprint


click on d info-graphic bellow to view a larger image. den u can zoom out more 2see more details.

one liter hand wash

hand washing with soap

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how can u wash ur hand using exactly a liter of water? well, check tis out!

1ℓimit faucet looks more like an elegant test tube inverted on top of a tap. The glass tube holds exactly one liter of water, sufficient for a quick handwash. The theory being that we waste almost six liters of water and use only one, while washing hands. Once the stored one-liter is used up, you have to turn-off the tap till the next one liter fills up the tube. A cumbersome rationing process that will hopefully drive home the point of conservation!

kitchen wastewater

Potato plant. To ensure continuing worldwide a...

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wat do u do w/ d water used for rinsing vegetables, rice, meat, seafood, etc? how bout d water leftover fr boiling? do u pour dem down d drain? or u re-use dem 2water ur plants in d garden? boiled water is bad 4d plants if it is still hot but otherwise, d nutrients fr d boiled food can be beneficial compared 2pouring it down d drain….just don’t 4get 2let d boiled water cool down 1st b4 watering d plants…2much salt s also bad 4d plants diet….

low flow shower-head

i just recently installed a low flow shower-head that delivers a maximum of 2.5 gallons per minute! water saving intervention indeed! accordingly it uses just 1.75 gallons/minute @ 60 psi: it conserves water, saving 30-70% vs. traditional shower-heads.

Oxygenics Five Star Resort Spa water saving shower

Using the same principle as a jet engine, the Oxygenics Body Spa showerhead continually draws in fresh oxygenated air through 16 intake ports and infuses it into the filtered water, creating a powerful oxygenating spray of revitalizing oxygen enriched water. Oxygenics  increases the water’s oxygen content up to ten times, helping to enrich your shower water, and leaving your skin and hair cleaner than ever before.

The Oxygenics Five Star Spa Resort showerheads never clogs up or needs cleaning and are designed to work as well in 20 years as it does when new.

wow! cool eh?

d science behind d technology

never thought that saving water will be tis enjoyable…… they also have low flow shower-heads from oxygenics installed at fitness first fairview (but they are just the regular design).

save water…take a 30 secs shower!

Clean drinking water...not self-evident for ev...

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according to a military guy….

Get wet in shower for just 10 seconds max. Turn off and lather up properly for two minutes to get clean. Shower 20 seconds max, to rinse off.

Avoids the scenario where most people expect the water to wash off dirt. Only contact provides sufficient skin oil solubility via mixing and kinetic energy to dislodge dirt. And 99.9% of water molecules never touch the skin .

The Thirty second shower surely saves precious potable water.

pls. be reminded that military pple have short hairs….no wonder they can rinse shampoo easily….installing low flow shower heads can do d trick…they consume less water so you can shower more than 30 seconds!

solar drip irrigation

helping women in west africa grow food during dry season….

tis is a very inspiring video on efficient water use, free energy fr d sun, women empowerment, community self-sufficiency, climate change adaptation, spiritual fulfillment via improved personal happiness, etc.

shower timer

pple waste a lot of water wen dey spend a lot of time taking a shower….lotz of energy r also wasted wen one have a water heater. we can save money by cutting showering time, but changing ones’ beahvior is a tricky thing….how much time do we need 2take a shower, clean ourselves & save money at d same time? itz obvious dat a 30-minute shower waste water (& electricity/hot water) more than a 5-minute shower…so we need 2quantify things 2improve our environmental performance….one inexpensive solution? simple…use a shower timer! just turn d sandtimer half-way (180 degrees) wen u start ur shower den stop wen d last grain of sand fall….of course nobody can stop u fr continuing ur shower activity……itz ur choice….u can spend more time in d shower or make a difference….

sandtimer w/ suction cup

4-minute sandtimer w/ suction cup

less water use means less wastewater generated…less pollution….

less energy use (in case of hot water)….less green house gas emitted 2produce electricity….

one can also buy an automatic shower timer 4those who can afford dem & can’t control pple 2save water….

full flow w/in certain no. of minutes....

full flow w/in certain no. of minutes....

restricted-flow ... enough to finish rinsing

restricted-flow ... enough to finish rinsing

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