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d climate reality proj’s 24 hours of reality: d dirty weather report…..


List of invasive species in the Mid-Atlantic r...

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things will change soon….

<a href="http://player.vimeo.com/video/29108206?byline=0&color=ffffffGRASSROOTS from The Climate Reality Project on Vimeo.

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GLOBAL IDEAS: Best Practice models to fight climate change

tis s d reason why i like 2promote global ideas!

let’s go green music video

Road up Mount Bently, Palm Island

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Driving the Nissan X-Trail Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle

Cutaway illustration of a fuel cell car

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Driving the Nissan X-Trail Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle from San Fransisco Airport to Sacramento, California on the 2009 Hydrogen Road Tour. This hydrogen vehicle produces zero emissions and runs on electricity that is made on board by a fuel cell. A fuel cell makes electricity by combining hydrogen from the vehicle’s fueling tank and oxygen from the air with no moving parts in a virtually silent process. That means that the only thing you hear on the highway is the sound of the wind and a very faint whir of the electric motor.


List of invasive species in the Mid-Atlantic r...

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thirsty 4d answer? check out d briefing paper:

by Sven Harmeling

according 2d report:

The ten most impacted countries from 1990-2009 were:

1. Bangladesh
2. Myanmar
3. Honduras
4. Nicaragua
5. Vietnam
6. Haiti
7. Philippines
8. Dominican Republic
9. Mongolia
10. Tajikistan

click here 2download d pdf file (GLOBAL CLIMATE RISK INDEX 2011):


6th (of d six) global warming skeptic who changed his mind

The retreat of Aletsch Glacier in the Swiss Al...

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Stu Ostro, Weather Channel senior meteorologist

A recent survey found that many meteorologists and TV weathercasters are skeptical (or even “cynical”) about anthropogenic global warming (AGW), and Ostro used to fit in that camp. Now he regularly explains the connection between man-made climate change and the extreme weather roiling the world.
Before quote: Large swings in temperature “happened long before humans had a chance to influence the environment, [and] typically occurred within a 10-year period, indicating that drastic climate change can occur through natural means, and quickly.” (1999)
After quote: “When it comes to skepticism about AGW, you could say I have street cred,” but “it could be said that I ‘converted’ and became a ‘believer.'” (2010)

5th (of d six) global warming skeptic who changed his mind

Dilemma of man's love of the world and yet des...

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Gregg Easterbrook, American journalist and author
Easterbrook was an early skeptic of global warming, writing an influential book, A Moment on the Earth, in 1995 that was dismissive of mankind’s role in climate change. By 2006, he’d been swayed by the decade of climate research, and wrote an essay entitled “Case Closed: The Debate About Global Warming is Over.”
Before quote:
“Instant-doomsday hyperbole caused the world’s attention to focus on the hypothetical threat of global warming to the exclusion of environmental menaces that are real, palpable, and awful right now.” (1995, PDF)
After quote: “The science has changed from ambiguous to near-unanimous… Based on the data I’m now switching sides regarding global warming, from skeptic to convert.” (2006)

3rd (of d six) global warming skeptic who changed his mind


Polar bears on the sea ice of the Arctic Ocean...

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Michael Hanlon, British science journalist
Hanlon, science editor for The Daily Mail, was a self-professed skeptic on climate change until a recent trip to Greenland, where he witnessed the accelerated disintegration of the country’s massive ice sheet. A few days on the melting ice floes, he says, “is certainly enough to blow a few skeptical cobwebs away.”
Before quote:Global warming, indeed much of environmentalism, has become a new religion. Like the old religions, environmentalism preaches much good sense, is well meaning, but has a worrying lack of logic at its core.” (2000)
After quote: “I have long been something of a climate-change sceptic, but my views in recent years have shifted. For me, the most convincing evidence that something worrying is going on lies right here in the Arctic.” (2010)

2nd (of d six) global warming skeptic who changed his mind


Mean surface temperature change for the period...

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Dmitri Medvedev, Russian president
Russian leaders are famously skeptical of global warming, with then–President Vladimir Putin quipping in 2003 that a warmer Russia “wouldn’t be so bad” because “we could spend less on fur coats, and the grain harvest would go up.” Then Russia caught fire this summer, choking Moscow with deadly smoke, devastating agricultural production, and convincing Medvedev and other leaders that perhaps global warming is a threat, after all.
Before quote: Climate change is “some kind of tricky campaign made up by some commercial structures to promote their business projects.” (2009)
After quote: “Unfortunately, what is happening now in our central regions is evidence of this global climate change, because we have never in our history faced such weather conditions in the past.” (2010)

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