Who’s the Greenest of them all?

last April 22, 2009 – Earth Day, 3rdwhale.com launched this year’s Greenest Person on the Planet Contest.last yr (2008), my friend mr. matthias gelber won d gpop contest. 4more info pls watch d video bellow:

if u know of any green person who can b tis yr’s gpop…tell dem 2join d contest. see d video advertisement bellow:

earthday flash floods in metro manila

yesterday (in d middle of d dry season) it rained cats & dogs (heavy downpour) b4 lunchtime….der wer flash floods in diff. areas in metro manila….itz usually a slack time 2travel fr quezon city 2manila b4 & after lunch….at around 11am, it started 2rain hard… can’t remember wen was d last time it rained tis hard during earthday (april 22). d areas dat i traversed yesterday noon datz flooded are d ff: banawe area in q.c., b4 mabuhay rotonda along quezon ave., d infamous (flood prone area) espana quezon ave. stretch, road after d nagtahan bridge en route 2quirino hi-way, some parts of quirino hi-way, & buendia ave going 2taft ave/roxas blvd……it took me more dan 2hours 2 travel fr novaliches to buendia, makati….

weird weather……