Arousing interest in renewable energy and energy efficiency

Arousing interest in renewable energy and energy efficiency
by Dr. Arturo Mariano I. Figueroa

“If a company would ask you this question, why should I hire you? Is it because you are an engineering board exam topnotcher? What if not? Is it because you are good in math? What if not? Is it because you are a good basketball player? What if not? But if you say, you are member of a team that was able to save 250,000 pesos per month in energy cost of your university, then the company would ask you this…When do you want to start?”

These were some of the striking words of Engr. Eric E.A. Raymundo when he addressed the participants attending the seminar on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency under the principles of Zero Carbon Resorts project held on February 4, 2012 at the Dean Angustias Sicangco Hall, Holy Angel University, Angeles City. There were 116 participants composed of faculty and senior engineering students from the University of Assumption, Don Honorio Ventura Technological State University, and the host Holy Angel University plus a lone participant from the Fontana Development Corporation located at the Clark Economic Zone. The seminar was sponsored by the Graduate School of Engineering under its Advocacy and Extension (ADEX) Program with the intention of promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency in the community.

During the seminar, Engr. Raymundo who is the Local Senior Technician (Philippines) of the GrAT (Center for Appropriate Technology) of Vienna University of Technology specifically discussed the ever increasing demand for energy consumption in the tourism industry and its participation for the large amount of CO2 emissions. Engr. Raymundo presented their project’s 3R solution, which is to reduce energy consumption, replace inefficient technologies and redesign buildings and systems. This three step method will help the industry not just to save money in the long run for its minimal energy costs, but also become a more environment friendly company.

It is important that we would be able to do our normal tasks given that we can also lessen our carbon emission. We just have to know how. The ZCR project helps us understand how we can start and its relevance in our daily lives. This strategic method will not only help the environment but will also entail the long-term savings in our homes, schools, etc. The principle is that renewable energy does not make sense without energy efficiency. It so happened that the Philippines provides a lot of room for the use of renewable energy. “It is more cost effective to save energy than to generate it from conventional or renewable sources”, says Raymundo.
Finally, he suggested that if students will get involved in the implementation of an energy management system (in accordance with ISO 50001) in this university, they can learn how to save money as well as help improve the overall environmental performance of Holy Angel University. Students will learn the knowledge and skills which they can utilize to help companies become more energy efficient in the future. Problem-solvers will be in demand in the near future especially when the price of fuel rises to a hundred pesos per liter!”

After the seminar, the participant from the Fontana Development Corporation felt the need to invite Engr. Raymundo to spread the message on renewable energy and energy efficiency to his colleagues.

The students of HAU also gave the positive reaction and were enticed to an idea that will open new doors for their future career.

energy savers! do dey work?

DDR 2178 - Energy Conservation

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there r lots of energy saver gadgets in d market 2day. since pple r hungry 2lower deir electric bills…dey wil do or buy anything dat will save dem money d easiest way! ‘energy conservation is doing d same things but using less electricity by implementing enercon measures’ & installing energy saving gadgets is not one of them!

tis gadgets r not cheap! good salesmen can really rip-u-off….in rural areas, pple connected w/ electric companies/cooperatives r even endorsing tis products….

dey come in different colors but dey have diff prices coz dey r sold by diff entities…

dey r being sold in malls & hardware shops all over d philippines. der is no company address so warranty claims is nxt 2imposible…dey claim very high returns….guess d only real winner in tis game is d seller…..

one should beware of pple selling expensive equipment & saying dat d fossil fuel companies r out 2get dem so dey work secretly! most likely ur buying heavy metal or cement inside a nice looking hi-tech box dat play around w/ d sine waves of d energy supply so d elec meter gets confused! u wil probably pay less 4electricity but others will pay for it since it will b included in the ‘systems loss’. & of course be careful dat u won’t caught any fire w/ dbackyard quality equipment….

i got one extreme power saver installed in my house. it sucks up 20watts wen no other load is present according 2my power meter. it lowers d energy consumption by almost d same wattage wen loads r present specially induction motors, e.g. refs & washing machines. d salesman told me great savings especially if i buy more units!

Step 4: Monitor, maintain & improve – 4 Steps to Energy Efficiency

Microgeneration Certification Scheme

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how do you ensure sustainability of ur energy efficiency prog? monitoring & verification is d key….here’s d last part of schneider electric’s 4steps towards EE.

Step 3: Optimise, automate & regulate – 4 Steps to Energy Efficiency

Magnetic ballast B2 Class by Energy Efficiency...

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here’s step 3 towards energy efficiency by schneider electric: optimize, automate & regulate

Step 1: Measure – 4 Steps to Energy Efficiency


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here’s d first step towards energy efficiency by schneider electric: measure