electric flat-iron energy saver!

Electric iron

Electric iron (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

just got my new electric flat-iron energy saving device! itz also a safety device that can prevent household fires! now we only need 2pay 4wat we actually consume in ironing our clothes…. accordingly it…. “Conserves Heat and Reduce ELECTRICAL CONSUMPTION by 50-53%” wata life! tis s so cool! everybody knows dat flat-irons r sucking electricity like hell!

d inventor of tis gadget sir rudy biescas is a colleague of my friend doc tony mateo.

here’s d pix f my energy saving gadget:

Video: Spain’s solar towers light the way to a brighter, cleaner future | Science | guardian.co.uk

Step 4: Monitor, maintain & improve – 4 Steps to Energy Efficiency

Microgeneration Certification Scheme

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how do you ensure sustainability of ur energy efficiency prog? monitoring & verification is d key….here’s d last part of schneider electric’s 4steps towards EE.

Step 3: Optimise, automate & regulate – 4 Steps to Energy Efficiency

Magnetic ballast B2 Class by Energy Efficiency...

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here’s step 3 towards energy efficiency by schneider electric: optimize, automate & regulate

Natural Resource: Harnessing wind energy

Intro – 4 Steps to Energy Efficiency

Diagram of efficiency, energy in, energy out, loss

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here’s an introduction video 2d 4steps towards energy efficiency by schneider electric.

in search 4an efficient refrigerator

92 watts rated power input 7 cubic feet ref available in d phils. tis is an efficient one! need 2change my ref soon….am looking 4one w/ a built-in running capacitor, tis will reduce consumption during compressor start-ups…..hope 2find one in d near future.