solar bulbs


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talkin bout cheap day lighting techniques….towards a low carbon society…re-using empty soda plastic bottles is not a bad idea, they last a hundred years anyway…

day lighting s using no artificial lights when d sun is shinning! definitely saves money!

apec workshop on low carbon society 2008

tis is a video of d 2008 technical working group mtng of the apec center 4technology foresight held at bkk, thailand. tis video was created by my friend robert arivara, jr.

International Workshop on “Futures of Low Carbon Society”

The APEC Center for Technology Foresight (APEC CTF), National Science Technology and Innovation Policy Office (STI) will conduct an International Workshop on “Futures of Low Carbon Society: Scenarios for Asia-Pacific”, during 2-4 November 2009 at BanThai Beach Resort and SPA in Phuket, Thailand. The workshop aims to generate region-wide scenarios on the future society where low carbon economy and adaptive lifestyle becomes the principal driver governing trade and development.

This is an important part of the project “The Futures of Low Carbon Society: Climate Change and Adaptation Strategy for Economies in APEC Beyond 2050” whose ultimate goal is to provide policy options for the region.

The workshop will assess the likelihood of low-carbon society through a number of plausible scenarios describing adaptive lifestyle up to and beyond 2050. Approximately 40 selected experts mainly from the Asia-Pacific region are invited to participate in this international workshop. The program of the workshop is attached herewith.

LCS 2050_Scenario Workshop 2009(2)