Largest Solar Cooking System

Solar Cooker

no need 2cut trees… smoke emission from firewood….no cost for fuel….wat else can u ask 4? solar cooking is d future!

zero carbon resorts poster

inside d city of d future

here’s a video bout a sustainable community

sustainable communities

a colleague of mine sir aris nugrahanto fr indonesia inquired bout sustainable cities or eco cities in d philippines…..since i don’t know of any eco city here, masdar initiative is d first thing dat came into my mind….a zero carbon city 2b developed by a well funded group of ppl fr abu dhabi….watch d video 4more info…..

Pope to Build the Biggest Solar Power Plant in Europe

vatican city is gearing up 2fight climate change…itz good dat d pope is an ideological environmentalist…..

2see d whole story…just click on dlink: Pope to Build the Biggest Solar Power Plant in Europe


Photo via the Florida Catholic

save money

hope tis blog will help pple save money while helping protect d environment….