how much water do one consume in a day?

This amazing graphic story by Angella Morelli shows that one can consume about 3.5 cubic meters f water per day depending on wat activity & wat kinda food one eat!

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here’s a jpg version of d info-graphic:

food production & water use

A cross sectional diagram showing qualitative ...

A cross sectional diagram showing qualitative flow times for various pathways through a typical aquifer system, from USGS circular 1139. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

der s a need 2efficiently use our water resource!

10 ways 2stop wasting water

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how 2lower ur water consumption footprint


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kitchen wastewater

Potato plant. To ensure continuing worldwide a...

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wat do u do w/ d water used for rinsing vegetables, rice, meat, seafood, etc? how bout d water leftover fr boiling? do u pour dem down d drain? or u re-use dem 2water ur plants in d garden? boiled water is bad 4d plants if it is still hot but otherwise, d nutrients fr d boiled food can be beneficial compared 2pouring it down d drain….just don’t 4get 2let d boiled water cool down 1st b4 watering d plants…2much salt s also bad 4d plants diet….

save water…take a 30 secs shower!

Clean drinking water...not self-evident for ev...

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according to a military guy….

Get wet in shower for just 10 seconds max. Turn off and lather up properly for two minutes to get clean. Shower 20 seconds max, to rinse off.

Avoids the scenario where most people expect the water to wash off dirt. Only contact provides sufficient skin oil solubility via mixing and kinetic energy to dislodge dirt. And 99.9% of water molecules never touch the skin .

The Thirty second shower surely saves precious potable water.

pls. be reminded that military pple have short hairs….no wonder they can rinse shampoo easily….installing low flow shower heads can do d trick…they consume less water so you can shower more than 30 seconds!

rain water collection

A Shipot is a clean water source in many villa...

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wen it rains….it pours….as dey say….w/ all d concrete pavement in the cities, d soil can no longer breath & rainwater goes directly to nearby water bodies 2gether w/silts thus groundwater aquifers r no longer replenished. if we all collect rain water then we can help minimize sudden flooding…..rain water collection is not only for pple who don’t have enough water, it’s a storm water management intervention!

in d phils. der is a law, designed to save rainwater during the rainy season in catchments or sumps, w/c was passed way back in 1989…..Republic Act No. 6716, the law that provides for the construction of water wells, rainwater collectors, development of springs and rehabilitation of existing water wells in all of the country’s barangays.

since wer only good in making laws & nobody cares bout storm water mgt….d 21 yr old rain water collection law just like other laws in d phils. was never successfully implemented….

now dat water is being scarce once again in metro manila, pple started 2think bout rainwater collections….most likely tis desire will soon die after water supply has been normalized….

storm water mgt. has many benefits e.g., safety, health & environment….but who gives a ????

nxt tme derz a flashflood……think bout storm water mgt!

National Geographic Feature on PlayPump Water Systems