how much do u pay4 E10 gas in metro manila?

yesterday (may 17, 2009), i filled up my gas tank at d shell edsa south triangle gas station. dey’r no longer selling e10 so i just settled 4an unleaded since i’m goin 2laguna & d price of php 32.25 per liter is cheaper than in fairview area (php 34.70/l) wer i reside. but wen i passed by total gas station near boni ave. along edsa….d price of e10 was only php 30.70/l…..a nearby sta (caltex) sells almost d same price 4an e10 gas. guess competition made tis stations sell cheaper….

since d price of gasoline is very liquid (dey change frequently fr sta. 2sta.), itz very hard 2fill up fr d cheapest gas sta. d key is 2b always vigilant!

a shell gas station

a shell gas station

will try total or caltex in boni ave. edsa nxt tme. dey’r fairly decent stations so i don’t think dey will sell low quality fuels as stated (natural defense) by high-priced competitors…

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