bag d bag

Example of an American grocery store aisle.

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bring ur own bag 2d market or grocery store! drop d plastic bag……check out tis nice video fr nat’l geo….

supermarket: reusable bag

d last time we went 2d puregold supermarket in zabarte, caloocan city 2buy groceries. we brought-in several reusable shopping bags (greenbags fr sm-shoemart). d guard did not let our bags enter d supermarket so we deposited d greenbags 2d baggage check-in counter. apparently dey have a policy not 2allow empty bags inside d supermarket.

wen wer about 2pay d cashier, d cashier informed us dat we won’t get any points by using d green bags (probably coz since itz fr sm & not fr puregold or dey don’t have reusable bags point system in-place). i told her dat itz ok since wer not aftr d points but 2help save some plastic bags….she was not happy w/ dat so i stressed 2her dat point system w/ reusable bags (if ever dey have one) is not suppose 2b a gimmick but a chance 4customers help lessen d amt of plastic bags polluting d environment….

most likely, (if it is really d case) d puregold mgt came up w/ an enviro prog since deir competitors r doin it…but somewer along d way, dey 4got 2stress d real message 2deir employees…..

how can pple bring native bayongs in supermarkets den? pple should b encourage 2use reusable bags no matter wat….tis should b d goal & getting points or freebies in doing so should just b an incentive & not d end purpose…

we love 2shop at puregold coz dey’r near our place & robinsons as well as sm supermarkets r quite expensive…hope dat d environmental consciousness of d puregold mgt & itz workers will improve in d very near future…