Who’s the Greenest of them all?

last April 22, 2009 – Earth Day, 3rdwhale.com launched this year’s Greenest Person on the Planet Contest.last yr (2008), my friend mr. matthias gelber won d gpop contest. 4more info pls watch d video bellow:

if u know of any green person who can b tis yr’s gpop…tell dem 2join d contest. see d video advertisement bellow:

national climate outlook forum

yesterday, i attended d 33rd nat’l climate outlook forum by d philippine atmospheric, geophysical & astronomical service administration (pag-asa).  accordingly, d earthday flash flood last april 22 was an above normal one. d climatological normals 4d last 30 yrs, indicates dat d ave. rainfall 4d month of april is about 38 millimeters. while d rainfall data from april 1 to 23 already registered a high 105mm. tis kind of hard data can b used so dat ppl can plan 2mitigate d effects of flash floods or adopt 2tis recurring weird weather.

one scheme could b d implementation of ‘storm water mgt’ 4flood prone areas. one key activity (aside 4d usual drainage system cleaning) could b d rainwater collection 4bldgs. & other structures, tis can delay or minimize d  effect of rising flood waters in d streets. another one could be d mitigation of ‘heat island effect’ thru breathable open spaces or porous concrete pavements.

der r lotz of data dat r being generated by pag-asa….tis can b used 2inform ppl dat abnormal situations need drastic actions & solutions, not only just raising one’s awareness….

d status of dams in luzon area was also discussed (as in d past forums), der r lotz of information being monitored by d hydro-meteorology div of pag-asa. hope dat my suggestion 2evaluate d data re: rate of flooding of dams during rainfall can b used as environmental improvement indicator for d  dams’ watershed mgt efforts. der might b a lot of money being spent w/o actual improvements….comparing d environmental performance (e.g. watershed mgt programs) of d diff dams in d phils. can reveal w/c dam managers need 2b given appropriate recognition…..

sustainable communities

a colleague of mine sir aris nugrahanto fr indonesia inquired bout sustainable cities or eco cities in d philippines…..since i don’t know of any eco city here, masdar initiative is d first thing dat came into my mind….a zero carbon city 2b developed by a well funded group of ppl fr abu dhabi….watch d video 4more info…..

earthday flash floods in metro manila

yesterday (in d middle of d dry season) it rained cats & dogs (heavy downpour) b4 lunchtime….der wer flash floods in diff. areas in metro manila….itz usually a slack time 2travel fr quezon city 2manila b4 & after lunch….at around 11am, it started 2rain hard… can’t remember wen was d last time it rained tis hard during earthday (april 22). d areas dat i traversed yesterday noon datz flooded are d ff: banawe area in q.c., b4 mabuhay rotonda along quezon ave., d infamous (flood prone area) espana quezon ave. stretch, road after d nagtahan bridge en route 2quirino hi-way, some parts of quirino hi-way, & buendia ave going 2taft ave/roxas blvd……it took me more dan 2hours 2 travel fr novaliches to buendia, makati….

weird weather……

Pope to Build the Biggest Solar Power Plant in Europe

vatican city is gearing up 2fight climate change…itz good dat d pope is an ideological environmentalist…..

2see d whole story…just click on dlink: Pope to Build the Biggest Solar Power Plant in Europe


Photo via the Florida Catholic

indoor air quality

going back 2d basics…plants absorb co2 n produces o2 thru photosynthesis….here’s a talk bout d topic of producing fresh air 2improve indoor air quality….

2address indoor air pollution if ever u have only few plants inside ur bldgs…..we can use light bulbs coated w/ titanium dioxide. tis kind of light bulbs destroys harmfull gases, eliminate odor causing chemicals, kills airborne mold spores, create a germ-free work area, etc…..btw, it also a light bulb dat will light ur house….

d bulbs are self-cleaning & cleans d air thru photocatalysis……cool technology…..though quite expensive…but w/ itz capabilities aside fr producing light…..itz worth it….can’t wait 2get my hands on my upcoming samples…..

2see more info….download d pdf file bellow:


Germany: The World’s First Major Renewable Energy Economy

if d reichstag building in berlin will run 100% on renewable energy……tis will start d ball rolling…..hope dat tis will b realized soon….

2see the whole article, kindly click on dlink below:

Germany: The World’s First Major Renewable Energy Economy

reichstag bldg, berlin

reichstag bldg, berlin



boiler efficiency & accidents

i’ve been doin research on boiler efficiency since this is one of d major areas where industrial companies can save a lot of money while minimizing their organization’s global warming potential. bad emissions is a sign of money being burnt….w/ dcost of fossil fuel continuously being volatile, making a boiler work efficiently should be d standard….fuel efficiency is not only bout money savings but also bout safety….an inefficient boiler means trouble….big trouble…it’s like dealing w/ a pressure cooker in d kitchen, it’s very dangerous when u don’t deal w/it properly.

at d start of this holly week, a heat exchanger tank of a boiler system exploded in a styrofoam factory in bulacan province. according 2d news, der wer almost a dozen pple killed in d accident.



many companies are converting their boilers 2utilize biomass just like this styrofoam factory, i.e. dey’r using rice husks as fuel 4d boiler. biomass boiler owners should be particularly carefull bout d fireside since soot accumulation is inevitable….soot in d fireside of a firetube boiler means less heat transfer so more fuel is needed 2burn 2heat d same amount f water. accordingly: ‘soot has five times the insulating value of asbestos. allowing it to accumulate in boiler firetubes wastes fuel-a 3/16″ accumulation in the firetubes will waste more than 20% of the boilers’ fuel.’

in d waterside, water scale, lime & rust accumulate n have a significant impact on heat transfer….more scales means more fuel needed…

therefore, bad boiler maintenance means bad air emissions, inefficient heat transfer, more fuel being burnt…and most of all….it can be an accident waiting 2happen….

when companies loose 10 million pesos (not including d cost of lost lives) like this styrofoam factory….dey will no longer think bout d cost-benefit-analysis of preventive maintenance….an efficient boiler is not only bad for d company’s bottomline in d short-term (due 2expenses 2b incurred) but also good 4d environment as well as d safety & health of d workers in d long-run….

if d styrofoam company can prove dat dey have a working boiler efficiency program  (bep)….i can only agree dat wat happened is really an accident…

if companies can calculate how much savings is d 20% of deir million peso fuel expenses & d cost savings in preventing an accident….it will den be a no-brainer 2implement a bep…..

seven new sins

as d catholic communities around d world are observing d lenten season…..in this spirit, i would like 2share the list of d 7 new modern sins w/c was issued by d vatican last march 2008. the no. 1 new modern sin is very much environmentally significant w/c says… ‘thou shall not pollute the earth’

2download d pdf file of d complete list, kindly click on d link bellow:


low carbon concrete repair

we have successfully tested an environment friendly low carbon concrete product from maleki gmbh. this summer we will implement a concrete repair of the flooring in building 2 of jbc food corporation. the voc-free products of maleki is a solution to the food manufacturing industry. d hydrophobic low cabon concrete is in-line w/ my client’s current good manufacturing practices & a vital solution to address bacterial growth on d factory flooring & will form a part of haccp (hazard analysis & critical control point) program of jbc foods.

d maleki products are chemical resistant & yet dey are chemical free….factories use lotz of cleaning agents to make sure their workplace is clean…d consequence is dat….dey have 2live w/ dilapidated floorings after a few years….

using a green product never seemed tis good! maleki is partly owned by my mentor (on phased implementation of enviro mgt systems) & friend matthias gelber. matt is d greenest person in d planet contest winner last 2008.

click on d link below to download d pdf file…..pls b patient…itz more dan 11 megabytes…..


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