national climate outlook forum

yesterday, i attended d 33rd nat’l climate outlook forum by d philippine atmospheric, geophysical & astronomical service administration (pag-asa).  accordingly, d earthday flash flood last april 22 was an above normal one. d climatological normals 4d last 30 yrs, indicates dat d ave. rainfall 4d month of april is about 38 millimeters. while d rainfall data from april 1 to 23 already registered a high 105mm. tis kind of hard data can b used so dat ppl can plan 2mitigate d effects of flash floods or adopt 2tis recurring weird weather.

one scheme could b d implementation of ‘storm water mgt’ 4flood prone areas. one key activity (aside 4d usual drainage system cleaning) could b d rainwater collection 4bldgs. & other structures, tis can delay or minimize d  effect of rising flood waters in d streets. another one could be d mitigation of ‘heat island effect’ thru breathable open spaces or porous concrete pavements.

der r lotz of data dat r being generated by pag-asa….tis can b used 2inform ppl dat abnormal situations need drastic actions & solutions, not only just raising one’s awareness….

d status of dams in luzon area was also discussed (as in d past forums), der r lotz of information being monitored by d hydro-meteorology div of pag-asa. hope dat my suggestion 2evaluate d data re: rate of flooding of dams during rainfall can b used as environmental improvement indicator for d  dams’ watershed mgt efforts. der might b a lot of money being spent w/o actual improvements….comparing d environmental performance (e.g. watershed mgt programs) of d diff dams in d phils. can reveal w/c dam managers need 2b given appropriate recognition…..

earthday flash floods in metro manila

yesterday (in d middle of d dry season) it rained cats & dogs (heavy downpour) b4 lunchtime….der wer flash floods in diff. areas in metro manila….itz usually a slack time 2travel fr quezon city 2manila b4 & after lunch….at around 11am, it started 2rain hard… can’t remember wen was d last time it rained tis hard during earthday (april 22). d areas dat i traversed yesterday noon datz flooded are d ff: banawe area in q.c., b4 mabuhay rotonda along quezon ave., d infamous (flood prone area) espana quezon ave. stretch, road after d nagtahan bridge en route 2quirino hi-way, some parts of quirino hi-way, & buendia ave going 2taft ave/roxas blvd……it took me more dan 2hours 2 travel fr novaliches to buendia, makati….

weird weather……