waste cooking oil (wco)

A selection of cooking oils

Image by jekemp via Flickr

wat do u do w/ ur leftover cooking oils? throwing dem down d  drain s not a good idea since it will clog ur piping system sooner or later. throwing them in d trash?…. it can end up being used again by pple  selling cheap fried foods/snacks….re-using waste cooking oil have a serious health effect. it is now banned to re-use wco in thailand. they found out that poor pple are dying of colon cancer! tis poor pple are always buying cheap foods fried w/ wco. in d phils. when poor pple die, nobody care if they die of cancer or what. some pple believe dat evil spirits cause d death if it’s unexplained….d royal thai navy processes wco into bio-diesel. tis is one of d best way 2dispose wco (itz important 2note dat: rudolf diesel used peanut oil wen he invented d diesel engine, diesel fuel is not yet available then)

public utility vehicles in chiang mai benefits from the less pollution emitted by engines running on bio-diesel.

d by-product glycerin are being turned into soaps & other useful products…

at a smaller scale, one can recycle used cooking oil as raw material for soap making.

wco can also be screened/filtered on a cloth then place in a glass half-filled w/ sand & stones 2b used as a table lamp. those sitting in the table will feel romantic n hungry…imagine d candle emitting a fried chicken smell….good 4restaurants….



  1. December 27, 2011 at 6:32 pm

    Indeed, there are various ways wherein we can still make use of all the collected used cooking oil and grease – what we need is creativity as well practicality in order to minimize our problems with waste. Thanks for the info!

    • Eric Raymundo said,

      December 28, 2011 at 11:00 am

      it seemz dat ur used cooking oil collection service s cool! would u like 2help developing countries like d philippines set-up a similar system?

      hapi new yr!

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